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Our three Allied Van Lines agents serving Ann Arbor, MI, have achieved an average rating of 4.93 out of 5 stars when it comes to customer satisfaction. These agents offer those moving to this business and family-friendly location a wide selection of options. For example, we offer commercial and residential moving, corporate relocation, and storage capabilities. We can even facilitate international moves as well. Not only are our agents extremely familiar with the area, but they're also connected to our premium network of moving specialists.

When you turn to Allied Van Lines, you'll benefit from our free estimates, BBB accreditation, and in-depth knowledge. Our agents are licensed and bonded for your peace of mind. Whether you're thinking of making a move from out of state or you're a local resident or business owner relocating to an Ann Arbor neighborhood, such as Burns Park or Eberwhite, we're equipped to provide you with the much-needed assistance you deserve. Call today to find out more about our service.

Nicknamed Tree Town, Ann Arbor has long been a haven for young families. But the city also provides an excellent climate for entrepreneurs. It’s for this reason that businesses are becoming more and more excited about corporate relocations to Ann Arbor.

One of the biggest advantages any business can glean from moving to Ann Arbor is a highly educated workforce. Currently, the city's largest employer is the University of Michigan. A number of smaller universities also contribute to the high population of educated citizens Ann Arbor cranks out year after year. Many of these students choose to remain in the Ann Arbor area following graduation, thus contributing their skills to a quickly growing workforce.

Higher learning may be a major part of Ann Arbor's economy, but the city is certainly not limited to the scope of just a college town. Over the years, a variety of other industries have found a welcome home in the city of Ann Arbor. Engineering centers such as General Dynamics and Lotus Engineering are happy to take advantage of the city's educated workforce, as are the online media businesses Zattoo, Weather Underground, All Media Company and Internet2. Ann Arbor's online media companies have changed the face of the Internet, providing people all over the world with interesting, useful and accurate information. Ann Arbor's positive business climate has proven a major asset to the state of Michigan over the past several years. In a time of economic uncertainty, Tree Town has remained able to attract a wide array of businesses.

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If you’re thinking of setting up shop in Ann Arbor, you'll need plenty of assistance in order to pull off the big move successfully. Allied is happy to help businesses through the difficult moving process. Trained movers and advanced technology are used to transplant both businesses and households from all over the United States and several other nations. Moves are planned and executed on a case-by-case basis, with movers quickly and effectively responding to any unique situation that may arise. Allied movers genuinely care about helping you get a fresh start in Ann Arbor, which is why we'll work hard to make sure that the move is successful.

Reviews from michigan Customers

  • The pricing, they were careful with my stuff and they were on time. They were good with the price, they even lowered it from what I thought it would be.
  • The overall experience. They were there on time and did what they were supposed to. They were very professional.
  • The driver was really good with packing, coordinating with movers and helpers, and very easy to work with.
  • The driver who was involved in packing and unloading was very good and he helped with where things were located. Some of the packers packed thingsincorrectly.
  • The move was easy b/c the same crew that loaded and unloaded our shipment were the same crew from where we moved from, so we were able to establish expectation levels.
  • The moving coordinator was excellent, called to make sure everything happened the way it was plannedon the initial walk through of the house. Everyone was so professional.
  • The process was as promised with follow up calls about the location of my items. The team was very professional.
  • The team who packed and unloaded my goods were extremely pleasant. The team was well mannered and polite.
  • The team was very courteous and gentlemanly. The team seemed very professional and I was very impressed w/that.
  • Overall, everything went smoothly. The team explained everything about the loading, and unloading process.

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