Moving from Detroit to Atlanta

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Moving From Detroit to Atlanta

In recent years, more and more Detroit families have been choosing to move to Atlanta to benefit from the state’s mild climate and affordable cost of living. Relocating from Detroit to Atlanta is no small move since the two cities are several states away. For those planning on leaving Motor City and heading for the Big Peach, read on to find out about what’s involved in a move to Atlanta, how much you can expect it to cost you, and the benefits of living in such a vibrant city.

Moving from Detroit to Atlanta  

Benefits of Moving From Detroit to Atlanta

As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is both the cultural and economic mecca of the state. It’s a national center of commerce, home to huge corporations such as UPS and the Coca Cola Company. More than 5.7 million people call the city home, and they come from a wide range of different backgrounds and walks of life. The diversity of the city is what gives it life, sparking a unique culture that centers around a cornucopia of different cuisines, festivals, artwork, and architecture.

Vibrant Entertainment

Scene Atlanta is known for its nightlife scene, especially when it comes to live music. The city is home to several venues, from exclusive Midtown speakeasies to sophisticated Downtown rooftop clubs. Locals are never at a loss for somewhere to go dancing or catch a late-night concert.

Many big names play in Atlanta, and you can usually find major shows lined up throughout the year. The city is also perfect for sports lovers, as it’s home to some of America’s favorite teams. Baseball lovers can catch a Braves game at Truist Park, head to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see The Falcons, or visit the State Farm Arena to see The Hawks play.

The Downtown area features pedestrian streets and is home to several hidden gems, including art galleries and quick bites. Atlanta is a city that also stands out thanks to its dedication to culture, with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Fox Theatre, and many museums.

Festivals are an important part of life for Atlanta residents. The city holds a large number of public celebrations throughout the year, both big and small. Arts and crafts fairs, farmers’ markets, concerts, and film festivals all take place regularly. As a huge city and a cultural mecca, Atlanta is also an ideal location for conventions. One of the main events hosted in the city is Dragon Con, an annual convention that attracts thousands of people from around the globe and celebrates pop culture.

Booming Job Market

While Detroit is known as having a relatively stagnant job market, Atlanta is awash with opportunity. Tax credits have attracted many businesses to the area. Plenty of companies call the state home, from Delta Airlines to the Home Depot, while movie and TV studios often shoot on location around the area.

There are seemingly endless possibilities and opportunities for locals. Part of the reason for this is the low cost of starting a business in Atlanta. Entrepreneurs often have just as easy a time getting their foot in the door as job seekers. Georgia makes the incorporation process simple and has a strong foundation as an international business epicenter.

Charming Neighborhoods

Atlanta tends to have much more of a neighborhood culture than Detroit. People often live in small, tight-knit communities with their own unique culture, architecture, and aesthetics.

Many of these neighborhoods serve as integral parts of the city’s history, boasting landmarks and monuments that draw in tourists from far and wide. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Grant Park, Decatur, and Inman Park. These are all close to high-end dining, shopping, and entertainment options, with each community offering its own unique vibe.

Low Cost of Living

Though the cost of living in Atlanta is slightly higher than in Detroit, it’s still slightly lower than the national average. For around the same price, residents in Atlanta tend to enjoy higher standards when it comes to factors such as economic opportunity, schooling, crime rates, and more.

Money has more buying power, and residents can typically afford larger or nicer houses than they would be able to purchase in surrounding states. Low property taxes mean that the overall cost of housing for most families is lower than in other areas. The cost of living in Atlanta is low even when compared to other major cities in Georgia.

Mild Climate

Atlanta’s climate is mild year-round, for the most part. Temperatures can rise fairly high in the summers, but the city still tends to be cooler than areas further inland. High humidity levels often make it feel warmer than it actually is outside.

In the winter, days are much warmer and milder than in the Northeast and Midwest. It rarely drops below freezing during the day. Residents rarely have to worry about snow or ice buildup. During winter months, Atlanta tends to be much safer and milder than Detroit. There are far fewer road accidents due to snow, and residents don’t have to worry as much about slips or falls when it’s cold out.

Beautiful Scenery

Thanks to its mild climate, you can enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer almost year-round. While there are plenty of manmade landmarks to see, the city is also surrounded by vast swathes of natural land. You can enjoy one of the many nature preserves located within an hour of the city, such as Panola Mountain State Park, Heritage Park, or the East Palisades Trail. Nature lovers can do everything from taking a hike through the trees to swimming in a river. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to keep Atlanta families, healthy, happy, and active year-round.

The city incorporates natural elements to create a green urban landscape. Atlanta has more trees lining its sidewalks than most major cities. It also prides itself on parks such as the Centennial Olympic Park located downtown, which originally served at the site of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and offers 21 acres of green space. Chastain Park and Piedmont Park are also popular hangouts for Atlanta locals looking to play games, hike, or simply relax outdoors.

Diverse Population

Atlanta is recognized as a hub for diversity. The city welcomes residents from other states and countries, giving it a uniquely varied culture. Unlike some other major cities, most people living in Atlanta aren’t native to the city. Many people moved to the area, thanks to its booming economy and business scene. As a result, Atlanta residents tend to be friendly, open-minded, and willing to meet new neighbors. With so many neighborhoods and small communities around, everybody is bound to find a good fit for their family.

Cost of Moving from Detroit to Atlanta

Cost is an important consideration when moving to another state. It can be difficult to come up with an accurate estimate. The cost of a move is determined by a number of factors, including the distance traveled, the number of items packaged, packing and unpacking services, and special shipping and handling requirements. Families pay an average of $1,726.30 to move from Detroit to Atlanta. If you want a more accurate quote, feel free to fill out our Instaquote above.

Cost to Move to Atlanta from Detroit

How to Move from Detroit to Atlanta

Relocating from Detroit to Atlanta can be challenging. The two cities are states apart, with at least a day’s worth of driving between them. For a long-distance move such as this, it’s best to get help from experienced professionals.

Allied is one of the top-ranking moving companies in the nation, helping more than 750,000 families to move in the past 15 years alone. Their seasoned professionals will ensure that all of your belongings reach their destination safely, helping you through each step of the way to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Allied offers comprehensive moving services that include packing, unpacking, shipping, and handling.

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