Moving from Illinois to Arizona

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Moving from Illinois to Arizona

You have decided to leave Illinois and venture a little farther west to the state of Arizona. You can certainly trade in your snowblower and lawn mower for pool supplies and sunglasses. Welcome to the Grand Canyon State, where sunshine and warm weather is a guarantee. Arizona has a lot to offer its residents including stunning views and an affordable cost of living. There is no shortage of things to do and you will soon find out what makes Arizona a unique and wonderful place to live. Here are just a few of the benefits of living in Arizona as well as tips for relocating.

Moving to AZ

Benefits of Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Affordable Living

One of the best things about Arizona is it’s affordability. Overall, the cost of living is considerably lower than other states. It certainly pales in comparison to big city living such as Chicago. This means residents can afford new homes and larger homes and even have a little bit left over to save. 

Spectacular Views

Among the first things you will notice about Arizona is the gorgeous views. Arizona has some of the most unique and majestic natural surroundings of any state and there are so many beautiful places to see. The most famous is the Grand Canyon, of course. This is even one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Monument Valley, Sedona, Lake Powell, and the Petrified Forest National Park are just a few of the many incredible things to see.  You will be in awe of the state’s mountain views, uniquely beautiful cacti, stunning rock formations, and gorgeous lakes. 

Outdoor Lifestyle

Thanks to the warm temperatures, ample sunshine, and incredible landscape, Arizona is a perfect destination for outdoor lovers. Residents of the state enjoy biking, running, swimming, rafting, rock climbing, and hiking the state’s scenic trails. Whether you prefer activities in mountains, lakes, rivers, or trails, Arizona has them all! There is an outdoor adventure waiting around every corner!

Less Traffic

Another great benefit of living in Arizona is the ease of traffic. Unlike major cities where traffic can be a nightmare, Arizona is much easier to access and you won’t have to spend hours each week sitting in traffic jams. Commutes are generally pretty easy and you don’t have to rely on public transportation to get around. 

Golfer’s Paradise

It won’t take long to notice that just about everyone in Arizona is a golfer. Arizona is a world-class destination for golfing with 322 courses scattered across the state. The warm weather makes for the perfect golfing conditions while the mountain views provide a stunning backdrop. 

Most Popular Cities to Live in Arizona


If sunshine is your thing than Phoenix is the place for you. It is nicknamed “Valley of the Sun” because it gets more sunshine than any other metro area in the country. In addition to ample 

sunshine, Phoenix has a thriving job market, affordable cost of living, and loads of biking and hiking trails. The city is also known for its professional sports teams, excellent restaurants, and exciting nightlife.


If you want to big city amenities with a small town feel, Tucson is your destination. The city is surrounded by mountain ranges, providing you with incredible views everywhere you look. It is also an outdoor lover’s paradise. Tucson has award winning biking trails, ample running trails, exceptional hiking, and opportunities for swimming, rock climbing, golf, and tennis. The city also boasts a hip food scene, colorful architecture, and a slower pace of life. 


Mesa is one of the most affordable and family friendly cities in Arizona. Mesa has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state and some of the best public schools in the state as well. This is also a great place to get outdoors and enjoy nature hikes, swimming, hiking, and biking.  It’s location just on the outskirts of Phoenix gives you the chance to enjoy all of the amenities of the big city while also enjoying a quieter more suburban feel. 


Scottsdale is one of the top golfing destinations in the country but also offers an array of other amenities. It is packed with beautiful parks, a unique waterfront, and plenty of museums and cultural attractions. The city’s schools are consistently ranked among the best in the state and the city is a great place to raise a family. Scottsdale is also known for its vibrant nightlife, great restaurant scene, excellent shopping, and host of sporting events. 

Cost of Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Moving can be expensive and this is especially true when you are moving a long distance. That’s why it’s important to choose a moving company that is as affordable as they are reliable. The average cost to move with Allied is $4,260.84. Of course there are several factors that will determine the exact cost of your move including the exact distance of the move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our Instaquote listed above!

Cost to Move to AZ

How to Move from Illinois to Arizona

Moving is stressful enough but it can be even more of a challenge when you are moving long distance. Hiring a professional moving company like Allied can help make your relocation smooth and hassle free. Allied has been moving customers for more than 90 years so we know exactly what it takes to execute a seamless long distance move. We provide customers with full service moving options to help with everything from packing and loading to transporting and unpacking their belongings. We make the moving process as easy as possible so you can focus on beginning your new life in Arizona. 

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