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Moving From US to India

Are you looking to move from the USA, but you are not sure of the best destination? India should be top on your list. India is filled with fantastic opportunities. Furthermore, research has shown that if you are an Indian expat, moving back to India is a bit easier than moving to the USA. The high cost of living, lack of opportunities and continuously rising housing prices are just a few of the reasons why people are choosing to leave the USA in search of greener pastures. India is appealing to new residents in numerous ways, all from the fantastic climate, political stability, friendly people and great job opportunities. Keep reading to understand more about why you should move to India and the requirements during relocation.

Benefits of moving from the USA to India

When people think of India, the first thing that comes to their mind is instability. Although there have been several cases that point to that, India is also filled with incredible opportunities, and it is a great place to watch children grow and venture into medicine and other fantastic courses. The culture is also something to love about this country not to forget their incredible music. Every year, millions from across the globe visit India to experience the new feel and learn new things. If you are thinking of moving to India, but you are not sure if you are making the right choice, here are some of the benefits to look forward to.

Great career move

India is filled with amazing career opportunities, especially for those venturing in medicine. People move from all over the world to study and practice medicine as it happens to be the most trusted state in matters relating to this field. They have the best equipment, and you can take advantage of this to push your dream to reality. The startups and market also tend to do great in India, and you cannot go wrong regardless of the type of business you wish to start.

Lower cost of living

The cost of living in India is quite low and favors people from all economic classes. If you are struggling with bills and other expenses, moving to India will help protect your bank account. You will love how easy it is to afford housing in India. While the economy in the USA has been on the rise, primarily due to the gold prices effect, India provides many favorable options. Everything comes at a reasonable price.

A great place to live with your family

From a fantastic climate to a favorable cost of living, India is one of the places to move with your family. It is an ideal place for kids, primarily due to the amazing education opportunities. The country is also harmonious, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your family. India has a range of things to do as cool places and sceneries also surround it. You can never get bored here. They have regular festivities that you can attend, interact with new people, and live an enjoyable life. Their food is fantastic.

Accessible transport system

Traveling across India is always a hassle-free experience due to the availability of the railway system that makes it exciting and super affordable.

Amazing shopping centers

For the shopaholics, this place has you covered with endless markets that fit every budget. This is another reason why India is believed to have the most affordable cost of living

How to move from the USA to India

India is a country with an enormous diversity of cultures and languages. It has the second largest population globally, and therefore, there is a lot to expect. You should be both mentally and physically prepared. If you are planning on relocating to India, here is a list of the requirements and things to do.

Get vaccinated

You should ensure that you get vaccinations for protection against different diseases such as dengue fever, which is a common disease in India.

Get your passport and Visa ready

You should ensure that you have a valid passport that is at least six months from expiry. There are different types of Indian Visas, and the best part is that you can apply online. You will, however, need to visit an Indian embassy or mission for handing over the paperwork.

Look for a job in India

It is advisable to start looking for a job before going to India. If you have no plans of continuing to work for the same company that you used to work for in the US, it is vital to prepare in advance to avoid getting stranded once you get to the new country. It would also be great if you have a long-term investment in India, such as business or shares in a company. This way, you can take a break from work as you slowly settle and adapt to your new state.

Plan for your children

If you have children, then you need to plan on how they will go to school. This can be especially crucial if you relocate in the middle of an academic year. If you already have friends in India, it will be easier to get the plans underway.

Think of accommodation

Before you think of moving to India, you should ensure that you have your accommodation needs to be settled. You do not want to end up in the streets. Again, it will be easier if you have friends or relatives in this state.

Get a PAN card

You will need this to ensure that your finances are in order. This is what you will give to your employer right before getting your first payment or when applying for a loan or credit card.

Aadhar card

Aadhar card is an identification card issued to show that you are an Indian resident. You will need this card as soon as you get to India to make your stay much easier, especially when it comes to safety matters.

The cost of moving from the US to India

The cost of moving to India from the US varies depending on how much stuff you plan to carry with you. There are special shipping and handling requirements, especially if you are moving with your furniture and other large items. You should compare the prices offered by different moving companies to ensure that you select the most reasonable and affordable international move services provider. The average cost of shipping ranges between $10-15 per cubic feet. The price may vary depending on the exact destination.

Most popular places in India

The following are some of the best cities you can live in India;


Bangalore has established itself as one of the best cities to live in India thanks to the IT boom that has enabled fast-expanding real estate development. Some of the key growth drivers in the town include good educational institutes, consistently upgrading physical infrastructure and well-developed social infrastructure.

New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital city of India and is a popular tourist destination. It is one of the best places to live in the country since it has almost everything you require from eating points, malls, historical monuments, adventure parks and many more.


Mumbai is India's financial city. The cosmopolitan metropolis boasts of excellent civic infrastructure. Mumbai has some renowned schools, hospitals, entertainment hubs, central business districts (CBDs) and malls, among others, making it a popular place to live in.


Talk of one of the most pleasant places to live and work. Chennai gives you precisely that and is also a popular tourist destination. It is also very safe and less crowded compared to other cities.

Like any other long-distance relocation, relocation to India can be a bit strenuous, but things get more manageable if you have the right plan in place. Now that you already know what to expect, the requirements, and the best potential areas to move to, you are ready to move to your dream country. All the best!