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Moving Checklist to Help Move Your Pet

We know moving can be an overwhelming experience. Let Allied guide you step-by-step through a move with our series of Moving Checklists. Print our lists at home to track your moving progress.

Pre Move

  • Comfort
    • Schedule sitter or daycare for dogs/cats
    • Check airline pet policy for travel
    • Locate pet friendly hotels for road travel
    • Get Sedative for travel if needed
  • Vet
    • Get Medical Records
    • Stock up on prescription medications
    • Obtain health certification for travel
    • Check vaccination needs
    • Get recommendation for vet in new town
  • Shopping
    • Pet Food
    • Leash
    • Dog wast bags
    • Collapsible water dish
    • Pet emergency kit
    • Car Seat cover or hammock
    • Vehicle window shade
    • Treats and chews
    • Toys
    • Pee Pads
    • ID Collar
    • Extra towels
    • Baby Wipes

Post Move

  • Comfort
    • Update address on any food or medication
    • Select new sitter/kennel/daycare
    • Create a comfortable and familiar space in your new home
    • Visit your local dog park to meet new neighbors
  • Vet
    • Locate emergency vet facility
    • Select new primary vet