Moving from Virginia to Maryland

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Moving from Virginia to Maryland

As neighbors, Virginia and Maryland share much of their culture and history. However, there are also vast differences between the two states. If you’re thinking about moving out of Old Dominion and heading for the Old Line State, you can read on to find out more about what sets Maryland apart and what it takes to relocate to this state.

Moving from Virginia to Maryland

Benefits of Moving from Virginia to Maryland

Often called the “Free State,” Maryland is one of the original thirteen colonies. You can still feel the influence of the state’s rich history when exploring historic neighborhoods and landmarks. Maryland is home to some of America’s most important landmarks, such as the historic Baltimore Harbor and Fort McHenry. Maryland’s landscape is no less inspiring, with sandy beaches along the coast that give way to mountains in the West. The Free State offers plenty of perks for families who are planning to make the move from Virginia.


Maryland is known as the “Free State” thanks to its long-standing stance of religious tolerance and political freedom for all. Historically, Maryland has helped set the standard when it comes to diversity in America. The state is a melting pot in and of itself, home to people from all walks of life, earning it the nickname of “America in Miniature.” Residents are surrounded by an eclectic collection of cultures from around the world, especially in cities such as Gaithersburg and Silver Spring.


While Virginia has a rich past, Maryland is also a state with a lot of fascinating stories to tell. As one of the original thirteen colonies, it’s a land steeped in history. The Old Line State is the original birthplace of America’s first railroad station, the first telegraph, and the first dental school in the country. Maryland is also home to many historical landmarks, such as Fort McHenry, the Antietam National Battlefield, the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, and more.

Job Market

There are plenty of opportunities for job seekers who want to move to Maryland. It’s a state filled with opportunities in a wide variety of fields, particularly those such as health and life sciences, IT, and manufacturing. Maryland is particularly well known as a hotspot for aerospace and defense companies. The economy is booming, and for the most part, there are few shortages of jobs at any level.


Maryland is a state of rich natural beauty, with mountains lining the western side of the state and white, sandy beaches to the east. People from Virginia won’t miss out on their favorite outdoor activities, from skiing to tubing down the river. In addition to its vast natural beauty, Maryland is also close to plenty of major cities both at home and along its borders. It’s just a few hours away from cities such as Washington DC, New York City, and Philadelphia.


Maryland boasts stellar healthcare for residents, with several top hospitals located around the state. Perhaps the most famous is Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, a teaching hospital and research facility of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This hospital doesn’t just serve locals, but people who fly in from around the world for specialized medical services.

Cost of Moving from Virginia to Maryland

It can be a challenge to estimate the cost of a move. Prices can vary based on factors such as the distance you’re traveling, the number of items being moved, ease of packing and unpacking, and any other special requests or services. It’s a good idea to compare prices before picking a moving company to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible. Families typically pay around $2,215.84 to move from Virginia to Maryland. For a more accurate quote, you can fill out our Instaquote above.

Cost to move to Virginia to Maryland

Most Popular Cities in Maryland

Maryland has become a leading state in the smart growth movement that calls for the redevelopment of urban spaces.


Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, with a population of under 600,000 residents. It was first founded in 1729, and thanks to the many waterways winding through the city, it became an influential seaport. People from around the world docked at the city to trade, setting the stage for the diversity that you see today.

Perhaps the most famous part of Baltimore is the Inner Harbor, one of the oldest areas in the city. Here, you can find Fort McHenry as well as attractions such as the USS Constellation, a Civil War-era ship on display. For nature lovers, you can learn more about local marine life at the world-famous National Aquarium.


Though it’s smaller than other major cities, Columbia is known for being one of the most beautiful destinations in the state. Many also consider it to be one of the most successful planned communities built in America. The city is made up of ten individual neighborhoods, each with its own schools, restaurants, and businesses. Homes and storefronts focus on arts and aesthetics, with carefully planned décor, plenty of parks and pools, and streets named after famous works of art and literature.


This city is the capital of Maryland and lies along the majestic Chesapeake Bay. It’s bustling with activity, from business centers downtown to tourist hotspots located around the city. Annapolis is known for its architecture, which was inspired by the early settlers of the area. Some of the most famous structures include the Maryland State House, built in the 1700s and still in use today, as well as St. Anne’s Episcopal Church.


Historically, Frederick has been a military town, home to soldiers and government workers alike. Today, the city is still home to the U.S. Army’s Fort Detrick. Residents are also close to the Frederick Municipal Airport as well as the Frederick Memorial Healthcare System. The area is famed for its beautiful views around the city skyline, which is dotted with iconic churches set against the treetops. People come from all around to see the city’s local museums and state parks and to shop at the famed Francis Scott Key Mall.

Silver Spring

This city is a testament to diversity, drawing in families from all over thanks to its quaint and friendly vibe. It’s a technology mecca, with plenty of opportunities from established companies to dynamic startups. There’s plenty to do when it comes to entertainment, with several parks, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and regular entertainment festivals held throughout the year.


Another incredibly diverse city, Gaithersburg, has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially among young families. The city boasts a stellar public school system and a low crime rate. There's a bustling nightlife scene along with plenty of restaurants for families to enjoy. Millennials, in particular, seem to be drawn to the city by employment opportunities and affordable living costs compared to other nearby cities.


Rockville is another city that's popular with Millennials. Thanks to local college and university campuses, it's bustling with young adults both in school and young professionals who are new to the job market. There are plenty of opportunities in fields like biotechnology and software in the area. High-quality public schools also make Rockville appealing for young families. Downtown, there's a vibrant nightlife scene and plenty of entertainment opportunities for all ages.

How to Move from Virginia to Maryland

Even though Virginia and Maryland are neighbors, it can still be a challenge to move between the two states. You can ensure that everything goes smoothly by hiring a moving company you can trust.

Allied has a 90-year history of helping customers with long-distance moves and continues to rank as one of the leading moving companies in the country. Allied’s team of qualified professionals offers a wide range of moving services to help families start their new lives in Maryland, including packing and unpacking, shipping and handling, and any special requests that you might have.

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