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The Allied Van Lines moving agent located in the Cary, NC, area is rated a 4.85 out of 5 stars. Our local agent has the experience it takes to help you pack up and move across the Triangle or to Cary from the next state. We provide international moving services as well. Our local agent is BBB accredited, licensed and bonded. Are you running short on time to pack? Our moving agent can hire movers to pack up your fragile items or the entire house. If you want to pack everything yourself, we'll provide you with packing materials like tape and boxes.

Whether you are moving to Cary from Raleigh or Las Vegas, we will ensure that all your belongings are transported quickly and carefully. Do you need somewhere to store your motorcycle for the winter? Our agent can provide units that you can rent. We also offer services for businesses like file storage and space during renovations. Let our experienced local moving agent handle the logistics of your move so that you can make a smooth transition. Call us for a free estimate and find out about our affordable prices.

Make your relocation to Cary, North Carolina as painless as possible with Allied Van Lines. Cary is home to what is affectionately known as "the Triangle" by the residents of the area. The Triangle is comprised of three major research universities. The Research Triangle is the area between UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University and Duke University. Part of the larger metropolitan Central Piedmont region, home to 1.8 million people, Cary is a small city with a population just under 140,000.

The Triangle is a bustling epicenter of educational and economic opportunity. Cary has an exemplary report card when it comes to the safety of its residents and was awarded the distinction of the fourth safest municipality from over 300 contenders. Over 60 percent of Cary's residents have earned a bachelor's degree or higher, while over 70 percent are homeowners. A large population of home ownership contributes to the strong community ties many area residents happily claim to develop after moving to Cary.

Whether it is professional success, academic aspirations, or simple love for the natural beauty of the area that is bringing you to Cary, choosing Allied to be your relocation partner is a smart decision. Moving an entire household is a daunting process that can leave a homeowner feeling overwhelmed. Unfamiliarity with moving deadlines and not realizing the time it takes to pack up a home can cause disorganization and stress. If the process is not begun in an organized manner, mayhem can follow a family throughout the entire ordeal.

Contracting with Allied from the beginning eliminates the hassle and frees you up to plan your new life. We have a customized approach to each move, because there are many variables involved in long-distance relocations

The safety of your family is important to us, and we guarantee that all of our agents are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Drug testing and background checks are required of all applicants. Allied offers a wide variety of services designed to make moving easy for the client. Relocation to the beautiful, hilly Piedmont region should be an exciting adventure, not a stressful disaster.

Utilizing the professional unpacking services offered by Allied can further eliminate stress and allow you to settle in at work with a minimum of hassle. Take the time you saved by not having to put your house in order and explore the numerous historical landmarks in the area. Familiarizing yourself with your new community will give you the lift you need to help you embark upon your new life in your wonderful city. Call Allied Van Lines today to discuss with your moving purpose.

Reviews from north-carolina Customers

  • I was really pleased with the customer service. They were prompt and did everything that I asked of them. It was a positive experience.
  • The communication they had with me. We had a problem and we were ableto correct it without a hassle. I was in New York and had not finished packingand they said they would assist me in any way. 55
  • They did an excellent job all the way around. It was amazing that it was all done in 2 days. I would recommend you guys to others.
  • Everybody that was involved was on it. They were patient with me and respectful. The person who loaded and unloaded my truck was a professional. I would like to work with him again.
  • They were incredibly dependable. They listened to the concerns I had and paid attention to the things I wanted them to.
  • The pricing, when we realized I was not going to have much to pack. I got a $500 refund b/c I changed the plan.
  • This is our seventh relocation; the driver, crew & coordinator get the highest marks. The coordinator was Bobby at Rose Moving. The packers score lower b/c of a few lost items due to a hurried pack.
  • The driver Dennis, the crew Jeremiah and Natalie the coordinator was great. Dennis and his crew was very hard workers.
  • The overall quality of the work that they gave use. The team took very care of everything and it was only one little issue.
  • Everything else was great,the only concern was with the piano.I would have liked it if Allied would have asked me where I wanted my piano because I wanted it on the second floor. The driver did everything great.I would recoomend Allied.Allied should have asked me where to put mypiano because now I have to ship the piano to the second floor.Everything else was great.

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