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Raleigh Movers: Long Distance & Local

Do you need a professional moving company to help you move into your new Raleigh home or office? If so, Allied Van Lines should be your first choice.

Make moving to this bustling southern city a breeze when you hire our Raleigh moving company. There is a reason that according to U.S. News, Raleigh is #6 in the best places to live and #22 in the best places to retire, and it isn't just because of the beautiful climate. 

Raleigh is a part of a tri-city region known as the Triangle. The three cities, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, are known for their strong growth in the research and technology sector and excellent quality of life. 

Living in the capital city of Raleigh will offer an urban-suburban feel, with the population approaching 500,000 and the median home price rising above $400,000. However, within the city limits and outside the triangle area, school districts and the living area are just as desirable in Garner, Cary, and Morrisville. 

Local moving services in Raleigh, NC

If you already live in Raleigh and the surrounding area but need relocation services to help move you into your new home, call Allied Van Lines and receive a free moving quote

Our family-owned moving company in North Carolina offers various services that make for a simple moving process. All you and your family need to do is focus on unpacking and getting acclimated to your new space. 

Some of our Raleigh moving company services include:

Household moving

Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle of cities Chapel Hill, Cary, and Durham are great places to raise a family. But, if you're looking to move into Raleigh and need more space or just want an upgrade to your home or office, let our local movers help. Put our household movers in charge of your move to ensure everything stays safe and secure. 

Residential moving

We provide only the best movers in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. From downsizing to upsizing, we'll ensure your moving experience is hassle-free and quick.

Office moving

Relocating your office to any new location can be a daunting task. Trust in our professional movers to handle your professional move so you can quickly get set up and ready for business. 

Full-service moving

Our full-service moves are a hassle-free way to get out of your old space and into the new with the least amount of work on your end. We'll care for all your moving needs, from packing services to pick-up to driving and unloading the moving truck. As a result, moving has never been easier. 

Packing and crating

Some of our customers often need more help than just moving large furniture. That's why our Raleigh team offers packing and crating services for items that need extra packing for travel. 

Long-distance moving services

Are you moving to Raleigh from another state or country? If this sounds like you, Allied Van Lines will help alleviate the stress of your long-distance move. We offer our customers the following long-distance moving services to make their transition as seamless as possible.

Long-distance moving

Our long-distance moves are for anyone moving more than 500 miles away from their current home. This distance puts many of our clients out of state, and they rely on our team of long-distance movers to help them during the trying move to an unfamiliar location. 

International Moving

Our hard-working international movers will work with you to ensure your transition is as stress-free as possible. We'll handle all the details, so you can focus on settling into your new home and country.

Interstate moving

With an interstate move, you are relocating beyond state lines. This is more than just a move from Charlotte to Raleigh, but maybe a move from Virginia or Ohio. Whichever state you are moving from, our Allied Van Lines team will make your interstate move as easy as possible.

Intrastate moving

North Carolina is not a small state—it can take hours to get from one end to the next. So, if you need help with a long-distance intrastate move, rely on our local moving team to quickly move you from the beach to the mountains. 

Cross-country moving

The process of packing, loading, and moving a home or office can be overwhelming by yourself. However, when you leave your cross-country move to Allied Van Lines, you can rely on our top-rated pros to move your goods from point A to point B.

Office moving services

From a new business to a beloved community business that needs an upgraded space, our office moving services can assist with setting up your new office location. 

Corporate relocation

Do you want to set up a franchise from your Wake Forest home base and move it to Raleigh? Did you find an excellent location for your office and your home, and need a professional corporate moving company to move you in immediately? Then, rely on Allied Van Lines to get you moved in so you can start working and living the Raleigh lifestyle.

Other moving services in Raleigh, NC

Only some moves involve oversized commercial moving trucks and a team of people to help load and go. For our clients that need a different sort of help for their moves, we offer these services:

Packing and crating

From crating up precious furniture or padding up heirlooms for travel, our moving company offers these extra services for pieces that need additional protection. 

Moving supplies

Some of our Raleigh customers want to move their own homes but need the supplies to pack up their items on their own. We offer these customers various moving supplies for purchase, like boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.

Moving FAQs

Is a moving company worth it?

Investing in a professional moving company might be worth your time and money if you move a long distance. A good moving company will take some of the cross-country stress of moving and handle all the logistics and heavy lifting for you. 

How much does it cost to hire movers for a local move?

The cost of hiring movers for a local move typically depends on the number of items being moved, the size of the house, and the distance the movers will need to move it. Call your local Allied Van Lines moving company for the most accurate estimate and schedule an in-home consultation.

How much time does it take to move with a moving company?

The time it takes to move with a moving company will depend on your household size, the distance you are moving, and the services you elect to add on. The best way to get the most accurate time estimate would be to call and schedule an in-home consultation.

Do you have to pack everything before the movers arrive?

You don't have to pack everything before the movers arrive. Most of our customers elect to add on our packing services, however, if you choose to pack your items, we recommend you start packing a few weeks before your move date. Pre-packing will ensure you have enough time to pack everything properly and avoid feeling rushed.

How long does it take to move furniture cross-country?

The time it takes to move furniture cross-country will depend on your household size, the distance you are moving, and the services you elect to add on. The timing will also depend on the time of year and the availability of our drivers. However, we will do everything we can to get your goods to you promptly.

Make your next move a breeze with Allied Van Lines

With Allied Van Lines, you have many options for your next move. Remove the moving day stress and leave the heavy lifting to Allied Van Lines in Raleigh. Our agents have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have earned high praise from our many satisfied customers.

Rely on our more than 90 years of experience handling cross-country moves to and from Raleigh. Whether you need packing supplies, special relocation services, or tips on creating a moving checklist and unpacking, Allied Van Lines is ready to help. 

We know each move is unique, and our Raleigh moving company is here to help make your transition as smooth as possible, no matter where you're moving. So contact us today to get a quote for your next move, and you will quickly find out why our movers are some of the best in Raleigh.

Why Allied Van Lines?

We have over 95 years of experience handling cross-country moves to and from Memphis. Whether you need packing supplies, special relocation services, or tips an unpacking, Allied Van Lines is ready to help.

You have many options when it comes to hiring interstate movers for your next move. Remove the moving day stress and leave the heavy lifting to Allied Van Lines in Memphis. Our agents have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have received reviews from happy customers. They're lust a few testaments to the service Allied Van Lines. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of a long-distance move is $3,500. This is based on an average weight of 7,000 lbs. (7 rooms) and a traveling distance of 1,000 miles. Obviously, there are many factors that go into calculating moving costs, so the best bet to know the true cost is to fill out an Instaquote or call 800 689 8684.

You should schedule at least 2 months before your move date. You will need to book well in advance if you're moving during peak season like summertime.

As with anything in life, not all moving companies are created equal, and some are better than others at providing this service. Some tips to consider: read reviews, get multiple estimates, get referrals, check experience, and check their licensing.

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