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With six Allied Van Lines agents ready and able to coordinate your move in Randolph, New Jersey, you can count on a less stressful transition. Is your new home or office space still getting its finishing touches? Our agents can find you a temporary storage unit to keep your belongings. We can help you move into a new family home in the Mountainside Drive neighborhood or into fresh office space in the Millbrooke Avenue area. Our agents will connect you with movers who do the packing and transporting of any quantity of items, and we can even coordinate the move of your vehicle.

Do you need moving boxes and packing materials? Our agents will ensure that you have what you need to protect your belongings while in transit. We connect you to household and commercial movers that you can trust with fragile items. If you are moving to New Jersey from across the country or internationally, our agents will handle all of the logistics. Consumers have rated each of our local Randolph agents with at least 4.85 out of 5 stars. Contact our licensed, bonded and BBB-accredited agents today for a free estimate for your move in Randolph, NJ.

With Allied Van Lines, your next move can be arranged in a matter of moments rather than a matter of hours. Over 85 years of experience has granted us invaluable experience, something no other Randolph moving company can match. Our success lies with the agents we have partnered with across America and all over the world. Together, we provide you with a seamless move no matter where you are going. Entrust your next move to Allied Van Lines.

What a Move to Randolph has to Offer

Randolph is a peaceful town located within the New Jersey Highlands, part of the Appalachian Mountains. The weather in Randolph is fairly pleasant during the summer with a high of 82 degrees but is quite cold in the winter with a low of -8 degrees.

The town is moderately sized at approximately 25,000 people, with 28 percent of them under the age of 18. The cost of living is a bit steep, with the average homecoming in at an estimated $420,000 average and rental properties starting at roughly $1,200. The tradeoff is that Randolph’s crime rate is far lower than much of the country. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city but is still half an hour away from Newark and an hour away from New York.

Randolph is a religious community in love with its natural beauty. In the past, the city was home to Quaker settlers. These days, many of the Quaker churches, pioneer-era homes and schools still stand and are designated historical sites that attract many visitors. Randolph has plenty of modern amenities as well, including several parks, sports fields, picnic areas, beaches, fishing ponds and more. Cohen Farm Park contains 111 acres of untamed wilderness with only the city’s walking trails cutting through it.

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Randolph has a wealth of natural beauty, but its hilly nature may be a good reason to hire Allied Van Lines to assist with your move. Its terrain may require the assistance of skilled Randolph movers to avoid loss or damage. Allied Van Lines coordinates with efficient, courteous and experienced agents to provide you service that is unparalleled in all of Randolph. Standard moving companies in Randolph lack the same level of professionalism and expertise our agents possess and often fall flat as a result. In addition to this, our agents offer a variety of services far beyond what standard moving company can match. We provide you with packing materials, packing assistance and temporary storage. We'll even more your car or boat, a service no other Randolph moving company is able to provide. No matter how much you have to move, call us and count on Allied Van Lines to transport what is precious to you with the utmost care and professionalism. 

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  • Allied did what they said they would do on time and for a reasonable price. Everything got here in order.
  • The driver was friendly, very nice and remembered all of my items. The contact person, Lisa Kowal, was wonderful. She's a huge asset to your company.
  • Everything went smooth from start to finish. We had a little amount of time to do the move in and Allied went above and beyond our expectations.
  • The crew did a nice job on the delivery. We had a local move which I felt was expensive compared to a long distance move.
  • The total service I received, nothing made me upset, and this was a positive experience. Allied did a great job. The unloaders were fantastic.
  • The salesman at my home was very positive and gave me a reasonable price. They also assured me that the move would be completed in the time frame I needed.
  • I didn't have any problem with the moving process, the crews were on time, and it was just an overall good experience.
  • The estimator who began the process was very professional, she was top notch in her professionalism and setting expectations.
  • This was the biggest move we've had and definitely was the best one. The overall experience. I can't pick out anything in particular.
  • The original loaders and unloaders highly satisfied me. This second load istaking a while to get myitems. The overall move was excellent. The move wasbetter than what I expected. 53

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