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Full Service Moves vs. DIY Myths Debunked - Leave it to the professionals

Between moving companies and rental truck services, there are many options to choose between when determining what’s best for your situation. It’s important to consider two main things before going into any more details, how much can you afford and how much time and energy do you want to do? 

From here, you’re in a mindset that will paint a clear picture for the option that works for you. For most individuals, the goal is to keep the move low stress and under budget. What most don’t consider is that do-it-yourself (DIY) service costs add up quickly. 

Between truck and equipment rental, boxes/tape/packing materials, fuel, your time and trouble, and accommodations for helpers, individuals wind up surprised when they find the option costing almost as much as a full-service move.

A recent market survey asked DIY movers if they would do it on their own again – 4 out of 5 said No. They’re expending more time and energy to get the job done and experiencing unnecessary headaches and backaches along the way. 

Here is a sample price comparison from a move in April 2020:


DIY vs Full service Movers Chart  

Beyond cost, there are additional challenges you need to consider when pursuing a DIY move: 

  • Personal injury or accident where you would need to assume all liability.
  • Safety risks of a breakdown on your journey - you may have to reload onto a new truck 
  • Personal cost for lodging, meals and tolls on the road 
  • Transit protection - do you have insurance coverage to protect your belongings should something happen on the road? 
  • Weigh stations - do you know the rules for weigh stations for each state you’ll be driving through? - Failing to stop at a weigh station is illegal in some cases in some states.

Why should you hire a full-service mover?

Full-service moving services save you time and effort while providing well-trained and experienced crew members to ensure the best protection for your personal items. 

In choosing a full-service moving company, you avoid unexpected problems like damaged goods from lack of packing skills and truck or car accidents. You also avoid the personal injuries and back strains that come with intensive moves when you leave it to the professionals. 

With a full-service mover, you can count on your possessions being handled with quality and care. Most full-service companies utilize the latest technology and industry advancements when packing materials and implementing a full-service inventory process. 

Most importantly, you will have a hassle-free move and peace of mind. No need to bribe friends and family with pizza, or worry that you’re going to damage your breakables in moving. Moving is a stressful process that isn’t meant to be done alone. Increase your chances of a smooth move by hiring a full-service mover. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that whether you decide to go with a full-service mover or a DIY service, have your facts straight before making any quick decisions. This will help paint the clearest picture for yourself in determining budget, schedule, and other preferences that will allow you to have the smoothest move possible. 

Please download Allied’s cost comparison sheet to add more clarity to your decision making process. Determine the costs of both DIY services and full-service moves in a side-by-side table.

Download the Comparison Chart Here

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