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Allied On The Move Blog   Allied On the Move Blog

Where to Find the Right Community

May 7, 2015
You are being relocated across the state or country, where do you even begin to find the right community for your family? I’ve been in this situation five times in the past seven years and it really doesn't get any easier. You’ll likely know where you or your spouse will be working, and that’s a good place to start. I always consider my husband’s commute and work out from the city he will be working in. I have found plenty of resources to help along the way!

Can You Finance A Move?

Feb 16, 2015
So if you are not offered relocation assistance or if you are simply moving for personal reasons non related to a job, then it may be pretty difficult to afford the move. Because of this, many people wonder if they can finance a move.Well, this is a pretty complex question that does not have a simple yes or no question. So if you need to finance a move, what options do you have?

Fixer Upper: 4 Signs a Home is Too Far Gone

Feb 15, 2015