Thinking About Moving to South Africa? Here's What You Need to Know

Thinking About Moving to South Africa? Here's What You Need to Know Featured Image

Are you living in Australia, but thinking about a major life change? There’s never a bad time to pack up your things and get a fresh start in a new country – particularly when the country you’re thinking about going to is so beautiful. South Africa is one of the most diverse, historic and fun countries in the world, and living on the African continent will be a big change, and many good things could come from it.

If you are considering moving to South Africa, though, there are a few things you should consider before you book your flights and start looking for accommodation. Allied can help you get there smoothly and free of stress. 

Exactly how far away is South Africa?

If you’re moving from the east coast of Australia, South Africa is a lot closer than you might have thought. Sydney to Cape Town, for example, is only a little over 11,000 kilometres. From Perth to Cape Town is only 8,715 kilometres. That’s almost as far away as Cairo (7,207 kilometres)! Moving so far away will require an awful lot of logistical organisation, and if you try to do all of this by yourself, you’ll be dreading the move. If you let the professionals at Allied sort everything out for you, you’ll have a much more pleasant experience.

South Africa will represent a number of challenges, though. For a start, Australia’s official language is English, but in South Africa, there are 11 official languages. With so many cultures and languages, South Africa is virtually an entire world within only a single country. That’s where it’s similar to Australia, although the cultures on display are very different.

What do you need to sort out when moving to South Africa?

Before you get to your new home country, you’ll need to have your items packed and shipped. Customs requirements and declaration forms are complex when getting to South Africa, but our expert teams can make sure everything is in order for when you arrive.

All you really have to do before you get to the country and see some of the amazing sights is decide where you want to live (at least temporarily), and when your leaving party will be! For any enquiries about making your move to South Africa a stress-free process, get in touch with Allied today.