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International Moving Company of the Year 5 Years Running

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About Allied Moving Services in New Zealand

Allied is a quality assured company with over 600 branches globally. In New Zealand, Allied is represented in every region with 10 locations, a fleet in excess of 100 vehicles and a committed team of more than 300 people.


The Pickfords family commenced in the business of mending roads. The family owned a quarry and were moving stone via packhorses. Instead of returning to the quarry empty, the family started to carry goods for others, making Pickfords a “carrier” of furniture and other general freight.

James Pickford, the London to Manchester waggoner expands the business and sets up headquarters in London.


Allied in 1771.Pickfords invents the “fly wagon” which was named due to its speed in transporting goods from one town to another. The introduction of the wagon meant that the London to Manchester travel time was down to four and half days!


Allied in 1926.

Allied in Australia origins begin when family-owned moving company named Downard Transport began operation which later Pickfords acquired.


Pickfords is owned by the treasury and part of the National Freight Corporation (NFC).

Allied in 1982.

Pickfords purchased Downard Transport Industries to form Downard Pickfords in Australia to expand its network into Australia.


Downard Pickfords became Allied as part of global branding ensuring that Allied became a household name in the removals industry throughout the world.

Allied ISO Quality Certified in 1994.

Allied successfully obtains our ISO Quality 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation.


Allied in 1997.Allied launches an industry first with a Mobile Training trailer that helped pioneer training, learning and development with the Minister for Employment, Training and Youth Affairs – Senator Amanda Vanstone unveiling the initiative.


Allied acquired by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, one of the oldest private equity firms in the world and becomes part of SIRVA Inc, the largest moving, storage and relocation company in the world.


Allied Business Relocations lead the industry with the ability to provide customers with a specially designed automatic book cleaning machine which is available throughout Australia.

Allied in 2016.

Allied were proudly awarded with the International Moving Company of the Year Award from the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM).

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Our Past

Allied has been synonymous with professional moving services since the seventeenth century. Our longevity in the industry is testament to our uncompromising standards of service and professionalism, consistently meeting client’s expectations.

Our Present

Allied is a quality assured company with over 600 branches globally. In New Zealand, the business is represented with over 10 locations, a fleet in excess of 100 vehicles and a committed team of over 300 people.

If you are thinking about moving internationally, the added protection layer of a 24/7 tracking system will put your mind at ease. From humble beginnings in 1646 to the major global business it is now, Allied Moving Services will take care of everything in your relocation, right from the pre-move survey. There is no need to spend time packing your own belongings. The professional teams of movers will take care of the legwork so you can focus on the organisation for the other side of the move, be that elsewhere in New Zealand or in another country altogether.

Regular training for wrapping, handling, transport and safety occurs for each of the members of the Allied removals teams. Every worker will be up to speed on the necessary techniques for the safe removal of everything you want to take with you. From musical instruments to valuable collections of memorabilia, everything will arrive at your next destination exactly as you left it.

Allied also has high standards for the respect of your home or office. Staircases and walls will be meticulously looked after when goods are being moved, so you’ll leave your old premises clean and tidy, while the new one won’t be damaged when you arrive. If something needs extra protection, the team will use specialist materials to cover a space and keep it looking clean and undamaged.

Allied also has facilities to look after the entire family – it might be a treasured automobile or a family pet that needs special attention. Whatever your requirements for commercial or home moving services might be, you’ll be in safe and secure hands.

There are a number of services available with optional extras to be added on, so have a look at what your needs are and get in touch with a professional representative. Allied Moving Services is here to make the entire home or office transition process simple and free of stress.

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World’s Largest Global Network

Allied Moving Services has the world’s largest global network and most extensive New Zealand network, so your service delivery is owned by one company from door to door, with people on the ground at both origin and destination. Allied’s global and New Zealand networks enable us to ensure competitive pricing through buying power while being able to control the standard of service delivered.

Advanced information systems allow Allied to track moves at every stage and support clear communication through the process to both consumers and corporate clients. High grade packing materials are purchased to ensure that personal effects are provided the appropriate level of protection. This allows for materials to be more readily recycled in line with our commitment to protecting the environment.

As a global moving business, the Allied network executes more than 600,000 domestic moves and greater than 75,000 international moves annually. This provides a strong platform to further develop and share best practice globally in the movement of personal effects.