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Technology now plays a major focus for businesses on the move in not just New Zealand, but around the globe. Through our industry leading experience we have developed our very own IT Technology team to ensure that computer network and systems can be up and running in your new location. Our specialised technicians are fully trained and assist both small and large businesses relocating. We are experienced with equipment relocation and complex migration of web servers. Allied' IT department are able to provide integrated IT solutions as part of our overall move package to ensure complete project management during your move.

IT Disconnect & Re Connect

We understand you may or may not wish for your staff to undertake the task of disconnecting and reconnecting their own PC’s as a part of their responsibilities during the move process. Similarly, your IT division may have enough on their plate without the need to re-commission and test your IT equipment prior to the commencement of business at your new location.

Test and Tag

Allied in New Zealand can ensure that we can assist with the protection of your most important assets, your staff and equipment. The inspection and tagging of electrical equipment should be carried out regularly in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010 “Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’’. The standard sets out indicative testing and inspection intervals for electrical equipment (including RCDs).

IT Installation Services

Allied Business Relocations in New Zealand has vast experience in the installation of both Activity Based Workspace (ABW) and traditional Desktop IT environments. Through this experience we have developed processes and procedures to eliminate down time whist providing a cost effective installation option for your new tenancy. We are able to offer secure warehousing of all IT equipment prior to installation along with offsite preparation of the IT equipment. This reduces the volume of waste to be removed from site, elevates onsite storage issues and speeds up the installation process. All IT installation works are undertaken by our trained IT Technicians and not general removals staff to further give you the peace of mind that the job will be done properly the first time.

IT Cleaning Services

Dirty Keyboards, Phones and Monitors not only look untidy, but they can also make the items to not function properly. Why replace IT equipment when you can have it cleaned for a fraction of the cost? Allied is now able to offer full IT cleaning services as part of your IT Installation or Relocation. This service is best completed at the current location as part of your relocation so when staff arrive on day one everything is sparkling like new. These cleaning services will remove all fingerprints, dust, adhesive stickers, food crumbs and harmful bacteria from your equipment utilising compressed air, hospital grade disinfectant wipes, monitor cleaning wipes, microfibre cloths and rubbing alcohol.