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What to Expect the First Night After a Move

Moving can be a big ordeal. There’s so much to do in preparation, from hiring a reputable moving company to researching packing tips for moving, gathering and transferring records, finding a new home, purchasing supplies, and much more. When you’re finished with the move, you feel such relief that you often forget to think about what comes next – specifically, what does that first night hold? For most people, it’s important to have everything you need accessible that first night, but that takes planning ahead of time. Follow these three tips to ensure your first night after the big move is as successful as moving day itself:

  • Pack an essentials box. This is one of the most crucial packing tips for moving to abide by. If you’ve hired movers to load and transport all of your belongings for you, that’s a huge help – but it can mean all of your boxes will be jumbled together upon arrival at your new home (even if you’ve labeled the boxes for each room). That means it’ll be difficult to find the things you need to use immediately. To remedy that, put together a box or bag filled with essentials like toiletries, toilet paper, dish soap, instant coffee, snacks, pet food, an all-purpose cutting knife, small emergency kit, flashlight, a change of clothing, towels, garbage bags, and anything else you think you’ll need for the first 24-48 hours at your new home.

  • Figure out where you’re going to sleep. Will the whole family throw blankets and pillows together on the floor of the living room and have a first-night campout? Will you be sure to assemble beds right away so everyone can sleep comfortably the first night? Or, will you simply rent a hotel room nearby for convenience and safety’s sake? Whatever you decide, prepare in advance. Also, be sure to turn on utilities before arrival regardless of whether you’ll stay there the first night or not.

  • Figure out what you’re going to eat. Expect to be completely exhausted the night after the big move. With that being the case – and because your pots and pans will likely be boxed up still – plan on eating out or ordering in Chinese or pizza. Research restaurants or nearby delivery options before moving day, and have their number programmed into your phone to make things as simple as possible.

For more advice and packing tips for moving, contact Allied Van Lines. We’ve been creating smooth moving experiences for our customers for more than 85 years.