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10 Organizing Tips that Will Speed Up Unpacking

A move can take a lot of energy, what with packing, researching and hiring a moving company, selling your old home, finding a new one and everything else in between. But once you get to your new home, there’s still more to do – specifically, unpack. Follow these 10 organizing tips to speed up the unpacking process:

  • Only pack what you need. How you pack affects your unpacking process. When packing, sort through your items and divide them into three categories: what you want/need to keep, what to sell/donate and what to toss. Only bring items in the first category with you and your unpacking will go much more smoothly. Who knew moving could serve as a spring cleaning of sorts?
  • Pack an essentials bag. Prepare for the first few days or week at your new home by creating a bag for each family member with toiletries, snacks, medicines, a few changes of clothing and any other essentials you won’t want to dig through boxes to find. Have these bags in the car or on the plane with you when traveling to the new place.
  • Create an unpacking schedule. Just like you should create a packing schedule to help you get everything packed before the move, so should you create a timeline that divvies up tasks related to unpacking. This will make the process seem much more manageable to you.
  • Make sure the right boxes get into the right room. When packing, label each box with its contents and the room where it should be placed at your new home. When unloading, ensure that each box gets placed into the right room to make unpacking as easy as possible.
  • Unpack what you need first. Whatever room you’re unpacking, find the most important items first and place them where you want them to go.
  • Go room to room. If the thought of unpacking your entire home overwhelms you, then focus on one room at a time.
  • Plan where items should be placed before unpacking. Within each room, create a room plan so you know where to place furniture pieces and everything else you pull out of boxes in that room.
  • Kitchen organizing tips. The first thing you should do before unpacking your kitchen is to hook up major appliances and get the food unloaded and placed into the pantry for use.
  • Bedroom organizing tips. The first day, be sure to get beds assembled and made up with linens. This way, you can collapse after a hard day’s work.
  • Bathroom organizing tips. Upon arrival, hang shower curtains and get out toiletries and towels. At the end of moving day, you’ll want to rinse off the dirt and sweat from moving and unpacking.

If after reading these organizing tips, you’re still overwhelmed from your long distance move and by the idea of unpacking, contact Allied Van Lines. Our professional and experienced agents would be happy to help you unpack at your new home.