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If you've been looking for reputable movers in the Grants Pass area, you've come to the right place. Allied Van Lines has three agents in the region, all of whom have earned stellar reviews from previous clients. Our three agents have an average customer quality rating of 4.92 out of 5 stars. Our agents are all licensed, bonded, and accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Moving to or from Grants Pass can involve a lot of planning, but with assistance from Allied Van Lines, everything can go more smoothly. We'll use the information you provide to us about your moving dates to set up a plan that will work for you. If you'd like us to, we can have movers come and pack your things, and we can also reserve a storage facility if you don't need your shipment right away. Our company operates nationwide, and we've enjoyed assisting our residential and commercial clients over the past 85 years. We know the Grants Pass area, from Lincoln Road to Foothill Boulevard, so reach out to us today if you need assistance with your move.

Finding the right moving company in Grants Pass can seem like a daunting task, but that search will lead you to Allied Van Lines. We have been providing moving agents and moving company services in Grants Pass successfully for several decades. What most customers notice about us is that we have developed a sophisticated customer service capacity that matches you with an individual agent from the very beginning of your planning process, saving you time and money.

Our agents provide you experienced movers in Grants Pass, so you get an easy, low-stress packing, loading and logistical experience. Contact us today so that we can help you get your move started.

What a Move To Grants Pass Has to Offer

Grants Pass has long been acclaimed for its natural beauty. The hills around the city soon give way to the Applegate River Valley, one of the most picturesque areas in the state. It is also near the Rogue river, which is well known for its recreation areas and world-class rafting challenges.

Located between the Medford-Ashland metropolitan area and Eugene, its proximity to other places allows you to attend the Oregon Ducks football games on the weekend or take in a Shakespeare Play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in nearby Ashland.

In the city, which has just over 35,000 people, you will find a growing number of businesses in diversified industries. Once hit hard by the end of full-scale logging, Grants Pass has rebounded because it has much less rain than many other parts of Oregon, a selling point for people who enjoy sunshine.

Riverside Park is one of the most popular places in the city to picnic and enjoy a free concert series each Summer. There is also an annual speedboat race which draws many residents each year.

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Many moving companies that do business in Grants Pass may not have the infrastructure, the logistics experience or the same commitment to customer service that Allied Van Lines has. Our agents can not only provide you with help for a basic load, transport and unload service, but we can provide help with packing and custom crate goods that are fragile. The movers can also help you assemble and disassemble furniture and even assist you with setting up your hot tub in your new home.

Perhaps the best thing about Allied Van Lines as a moving company in Grants Pass is that the customer service system is set up for easy use online or on the telephone, so your actual move is just a matter of putting everything together. As you search for different moving companies in Grants Pass, keep that in mind because we are very committed to ensuring that you arrive at your new home with a smile. If you would like a free quotation, please contact us today. 

Reviews from oregon Customers

  • Moving in the past with a different company. We have friends who moved with Allied and it was a good experience.
  • The driver was very organized, knowledgeable, punctual, polite, got to thedestination with no problem.
  • The care the crew and driver showed. They took extra care in handling my items. Wrapping my items in blankets and such.
  • It was a pretty good move. We had some items for multiple location delivery that ended up in the wrong place.
  • I used Allied a number of times and results have been pretty good, and I would reccommend them to a friend.
  • The crew was dependable and everything was in tact. The loading crew as well as the delivery team was nice.
  • I gave this rating b/c the driver & crew was very professional, and they were very careful w/loading & unloading. The packers were excellent as well.This move was perfect from beginning to end.
  • The overall experience. I was happy with the level of communication and the care that was taken with my goods.
  • I was most influenced in the way they delivered everything that they picked up and marked everything appropriately.
  • Just the ease of the crew coming in and doing the move.The crew was quick and professional but it was quality.

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