Moving from Ohio to Michigan

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Moving From Ohio to Michigan

Are you planning on turning in your Ohio State Buckeyes memorabilia to become a Wolverine? If so, then you have come to the right place. Even though Ohio and Michigan are both Midwestern states, there are some significant differences to consider. Read on to find out more about the benefits of moving to Michigan, and which cities to consider.


Moving form Ohio to Michigan

Benefits of Moving From Ohio to Michigan

When you think of Michigan, you may hear the sound of Motown or think of automobiles rolling off the line in Detroit. Michigan is a state that has a unique culture and deep roots in the past. Home to 3,288 miles of freshwater coastline, snowy winters, and heated hockey games, this state is living up to its Pure Michigan slogan.

A Well-Rounded Climate 

If winter is your favorite season, then Michigan is the place to call home. While Ohio ranks high at 14th on the list of winter weather, Michigan comes in second position. Six months out of the year, there is very little sunshine, and snow is abundant. Michigan winters are perfect if you want to get a snowmobile and explore the vast natural landscape.


You can expect warm weather during the summer months. Temperatures typically start rising after Easter. That doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the sweatshirts. Becoming a Michigander means wearing layers every day. It will most likely be cold when you head out to the hunting stand or the golf course.

Cost of Living


Michigan is more affordable compared to Ohio. Michigan ranks as the seventh state with the lowest cost of living in the country while Ohio ranks fifteenth.


Home values are comparable between Michigan and Ohio. The median home value in Michigan is $176,000, while the median home value is $153,000 in Ohio. On average, a household earns $54,938 in Michigan. This amount is comparable to the average household income of $54,021 in Ohio.

Higher Education

Educational opportunities are abundant in Michigan. Central Michigan University is renowned for its online classes for veterans, while the University of Michigan attracts the attention of top-ranking health and business professionals. Families with young children will appreciate the efforts the state is making to fund public education and improve student achievement. The ratings of the public school system are improving in many areas.

A Recovering Job Market

The 2008 economic recession hit Michiganders hard, but the job market has been recovering over the past few years. Research has shown jobs such as credit counselors, operations analysts, and interpreters are the fastest-growing jobs right now. Miners are also in high demand. There are plenty of employment opportunities in the healthcare industry.

An Abundance of Outdoor Experiences

To live in Michigan is to be surrounded by nature. The state is home to the highest population of deer right after Pennsylvania. Bowhunting is a popular outdoor activity. Living within driving distance of two of the Great Lakes will give fishing enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to do what they love. Swimming is a must in Michigan since it is home to more than 200 beaches.


In the winter, outdoor experiences only get better. Snowmobiling is widespread and the perfect way to see the beauty of Michigan under the snow. You will also find that dog sledding, tobogganing, luging, and snowboarding are popular activities among Michiganders.

Cost of Moving From Ohio to Michigan

Moving is an important decision that will impact your finances. It’s important to assess what the total cost of your move will be. The average price tag of a move from Ohio to Michigan should be around $2,637.79. Obviously, there are many factors that go into calculating moving costs, including the number of belongings one must move, distance, packing and unpacking, special items, and much more. The best bet for knowing the true cost is to use our Instaquote tool.

Cost to Move to Michicgan from Ohio

Most Popular Cities in Michigan

Most people immediately associated Detroit with Michigan, even though Lansing is the capital of the state. Each Michigan city has its own particularities and job market. Learning more about these cities is an important aspect of planning your move to Michigan.

Ann Arbor

This eclectic town is home to 123,000 residents and the prestigious University of Michigan. In 2017, the data company Niche named Ann Arbor the number one place to live in the U.S. Residents of Ann Arbor enjoy a bustling downtown life as well as a top-rated school system and beautiful neighborhoods. The average home value in Ann Arbor is $399,000.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is a bustling Michigan city. The town sits in the county of Kent, and, according to Niche, is one of the best places to live in the U.S. Families and young professionals flock to this area due to the vibrant downtown life and a strong job market. It is known for being the home to some of the best restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops of the state. Families moving to Grand Rapids will enjoy the many parks that create a green urban landscape.

Traverse City

You will want to live in Traverse City if you love cherries. Residents have dubbed the city the cherry capital of the world. Known for its sprawling cherry and grape orchards, Traverse City has become one of the best places to live in Michigan. Residents enjoy this densely populated suburban area with a small-town feel. Traverse City is a relatively small city with 15,474 residents, and the median home value is $271,000.


You cannot talk about Michigan without mentioning Detroit , the largest city in the Michigan Midwest. Detroit is the birthplace of Motown, General Motors, and the Ford Motor Company. This town is the epitome of perseverance. The city has a vibrant nightlife scene with live music, salsa dance clubs, and jazz venues.


You will find that Detroit is a foodie paradise with many innovative restaurants, quick bites, and ethnic food options. Between museums, parks, shows, and shopping options, Detroit offers a lot of activities.


Living in Detroit will require you to choose between the city and its suburbs. Living downtown is more expensive, but moving to the suburbs usually means commuting to work in the city.


With only 76,000 residents, Kalamazoo is home to a thriving art scene and a high ranking school system. A local fund created by anonymous donors allows some students to attend college for free. The city is home to no less than three higher education institutions.


Kiplinger named Kalamazoo fourth on their list of the cheapest places in the U.S. to live. With plenty of job opportunities, Kalamazoo is a fantastic place to live. 

How to Move From Ohio to Michigan

Moving requires you to make a lot of important decisions. It’s important to consider what Michigan has to offer and to compare life in different parts of the state before deciding to move.


Planning for the move itself can be challenging. You will need to schedule the moving truck, decide what you need to make your move as smooth as possible, and what your moving budget is. 


Create a checklist that will help you stay on track and meet your moving deadline. Below is a sample checklist that can help you.


  1. Find a moving company .
  2. Create a moving budget.
  3. Research the school districts and notify your child’s current school of the impending move.
  4. Create an action plan for packing and collecting important documents.
  5. Make living arrangements.
  6. Contact USPS to change your mailing address.
  7. Take care of transferring utility services.
  8.  Confirm moving reservations.
  9. Take enough essentials and cash to cover expenses for the first week after moving into your new home.
  10.  Once your move is complete, don’t forget to establish residency for legal reasons.


We understand that moving can be stressful. Allied is here to help you and provide the services you need every step of the way.

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