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If you’re planning a move to or from Quincy, IL, Allied Van Lines can coordinate your entire relocation. Our local agent is licensed and bonded and ready to help you with a move across town or across the country. We can relocate your home on Amanda Drive or your businesses on Maine Street to just about anywhere you want us to. We also offer storage facilities, so if you have too much to deal with but don’t want to throw anything away, you don’t have to. At the time of packing, you can work with our agent and the movers they'll hire to organize your belongings and prepare them for your new home or a storage unit.

Our ability to accommodate your requests and work with your schedule sets us apart. You may be happy to know that we can assist you right from the planning stage of your move. At Allied Van Lines, we're always thinking of ways we can make the relocation process less stressful. We know we’re doing something right because our BBB-accredited agent in Quincy proudly displays a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Call us today for a free quote.

Allied Van Lines has a network of four moving agents available to assist you in the Quincy, MA, area, and all of them have been rated at least 4.53 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction. Our local movers are licensed and bonded, and they're accredited by the BBB. Regardless of whether your move is within the city of Quincy or you're relocating across the country, our agents are well-equipped to take care of your needs; even international moves are no problem for us. We can also help with your storage requirements if you're not quite ready to bring all of your belongings to your new place.

We have more than 85 years of service under our belt, so you can feel confident that we have the experience to handle residential and corporate moves equally well. We'll also arrange for the transport of your boat or vehicle if you need assistance with that. When you choose Allied Van Lines, all of the information and resources you need during every step of the moving process are at your disposal. Give us a call today for a free quote, and experience for yourself the top-quality care our agents provide during your move in the Quincy community.

The small city of Quincy is located along the mighty Mississippi River near the Illinois/Missouri border and continues to be one of the most sought-after places to move to in the Land of Lincoln. Quincy is known as "Gem City," and was ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the best places in the U.S. to raise a family in 2010.

Quincy is known for its excellent quality of life, easy commute time, great educational system and a high rate of homeownership. Quincy is surrounded by a large agricultural community and this heavily influences the manufacturing jobs in Quincy. Industries here include everything from truck and trailer bodies to vegetable oils to dairy products. The city is also home to Quincy University, which welcomes in college students during the fall and spring.

According to a 2012 U.S. Census estimate, Quincy is home to more than 40,700 residents. Despite offering a lot to its residents in terms of amenities, living here won't break the bank. According to City-Data, the cost of living in Quincy was nearly 21 percent less than the U.S. average.

Activities and attractions in Quincy

One of the things that put Quincy on the map is the stunning display of architecture around town. Some of the best places to witness it is in the South Side German District, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. The Villa Katherine is another architectural gem located in Quincy that is an excellent example of Mediterranean building design located in the Midwest. 

The World Aero Space Museum is another major attraction in town, and features Cold War-era aircraft that is sure to please military history buffs. Other exciting museums in town include the Quincy Museum and the Mississippi Valley Antique Auto Museum.

People love to visit the Indian Mounds Park and Pool, which is one of the rare spots in Illinois where residents can look at Native American mounds. The area is also home to a refurbished pool, which becomes quite the hotspot during the summer, especially for kids.

Moving to Quincy

Getting to Quincy is relatively easy, even though its location is quite rural. The city is nestled right next to Interstate 172, which almost runs parallel to the river. If you are coming from Missouri or further west, Quincy can also be accessed by U.S. Highway 24. If you don't want to make the trek to this Midwestern gem on your own, Allied Van Lines can get you in touch with a Quincy moving company that can assist with everything from self-pack materials sales and box inventory.

Reviews from illinois Customers

  • The company cared, if we had any problems or questions the company was there and this was a wonderful experience.
  • I was satisfied with the service. There is still room for improvement. They could have been better in identifying my location.
  • Everyone did a really good job and the driver put a lot of effort into hisjob. The driver seemed to care about doing a good job.
  • The follow through with the delivery team, they came on time and did everything they were suppose to do.
  • The move was good. However I don't think that anyone will care as much about your items as much as you do.
  • Everyone was very nice and helpful. I think everyone did the best they could on most items. I did have a few problems with the unloading. The coordinator was helpful fix it.
  • Allied was punctual and considerate of me. I was very impressed because I only gave 4 days notice for a move across state lines and they were able to do it.
  • With Allied, it all depends on the local agent. Ours was in Chicago and we had wonderful service. I wouldn't recommend some of the other local services however.
  • Allied Van lines is a great company and I am very pleased with our driver Mike Follis. I would like to congratulate him on doing an excellent job.
  • I was very satisfied with the way that the entire move was handled. It was a difficult move, but Allied handled it very well.

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