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Real Estate Guide

Lease to Own Contracts

Aug 26, 2015
Lease to Own. Most people assume there are two ways to secure a home: rent it or buy it. While these are definitely the most common options, you can also consider a lease-to-own (or rent-to-own) home. As the name implies, this is a residence you rent in the same way you might an apartment. However, after a certain time passes, you are given an option to buy the home (or not). And if you do decide you love the home and never want to leave, you can purchase it at a lower cost than if you just rolled up and decided to buy it on the spot.

Is My Home Market Ready?

May 7, 2015
Is My Home Market Ready? There are few tasks more intimidating than getting a home ready to go for sale. All those little quirks and defects that you’ve grown used to over the years suddenly take on a new light—they’re not just a part of the home you love, they’re potential red flags to homebuyers. While you might know you have to jiggle the toilet handle just so to get it to stop running, or that it’s always a good idea to close the curtains upstairs in the summer to avoid excessive heat, these small details can tell buyers that the home isn’t in good repair or is not worth the investment.

A Breakdown of Moving Costs

Oct 3, 2014
A breakdown of moving costs and how to budget or plan for the entire moving process.