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Why Getting Multiple Moving Quotes Is Important for Your Move

When we go to the grocery store, we’re forced to purchase what’s available, at whatever price the store indicates. Oftentimes, we’ll put the item in our cart, wondering if we could have gotten a better price at such-and-such a grocer. The same can be said of hiring a moving company. We’re busy people, so it’s tempting to pounce on the first price we hear – “that’s good enough,” we say. But there are several reasons why it’s important to get multiple moving quotes before your move, including the following:

  • So you will know the average price in your area. Most movers will have prices that are similar. For those that are much lower or much higher than the average, you can investigate further to find out why. Are they a new company and trying to drum up business? Do they throw in a lot of extras? Getting multiple moving quotes will at least inform you as to the average price for where you live.

  • So you have a starting point for comparing companies. The price is likely going to be a large determining factor for you when selecting a moving company. Once you have moving quotes you can live with, begin researching the companies based on other factors, such as services offered, level of experience, customer service, etc.

  • So you can adjust your budget accordingly. Yes, you may have already set a budget, but the only sure way to know whether it’s realistic is to get multiple moving quotes. 

  • So you don’t get duped. Unfortunately, there are movers out there whose sole purpose is to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. These movers will low ball the price to lure you in, then hold your belongings captive until you pay an exorbitant price. Getting multiple moving quotes will help you to see how reputable moving companies behave and become suspicious of those that handle things differently. Watch out for movers who refuse to give in-home moving quotes or who ask for a large deposit or full payment up front.

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