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Three Things You Should Know When Getting Moving Quotes from Companies

When it comes time to hire movers, be sure to ask several companies questions about how they operate, their availability, what liability coverage options they offer, and their experience. Then, once you’ve narrowed your choices, get moving quotes from at least three moving companies and keep in mind the following three things:

  • It’s just an estimate. In other words, moving quotes are not usually the exact amount you will owe. Instead, they’re a guess at what you’ll owe based on a few unknown factors, like the hours needed for the move and the weight of the shipment. Be sure to ask whether all fees and surcharges are included in the estimate. Some moving companies have variable rates for loads that need to be hand carried over a certain distance; a residence that’s not easily accessible for a large moving truck or van and requires shuttle service; strangely shaped or awkward items; and condos or high-rises with elevator and load restrictions. Being aware of this in advance will offset any surprises you may experience when you see the final bill.

  • Movers should provide an in-home estimate if they’re located within 50 miles of your home. This is the best way for them to get a feel for how much you’ll be moving, what types of belongings you have, if there are any obstacles (like stairs) to the move, and any other factors that will affect the move. According to federal requirements, you can waive the physical survey of goods if you want, but the waiver has to be a physical agreement signed by both parties.   

  • Be wary of any companies that offer moving quotes drastically below the average. It could be that it’s a company just getting off the ground and they’re offering low rates. But even so, do you really want to take the risk? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there’s a very real need to protect yourself from “dishonest, ‘rogue’ movers.” That doesn’t mean shy away from all moving companies. It simply means do your research – including reading reviews and testimonials, assessing a company’s level of experience, and not being fooled by a price that is probably too good to be true.

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