Moving From Wisconsin to Long Beach

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Moving from Wisconsin to Long Beach


Moving across the country is a big deal for anyone, but moving from Wisconsin to Long Beach can be especially life-changing. You can expect a change in the climate, but you can also enjoy some of the benefits of a bigger city.


Moving to Long Beach from Wisconsin 


Whether you’re ready to move or are still deciding, consider some reasons to move to Long Beach. Then figure out the cost and how you’ll make that move.

Benefits of Moving From Wisconsin to Long Beach

No matter why you’re moving from Wisconsin to Long Beach, you should consider the benefits. The two places are quite different, especially if you’re coming from a smaller town.


But if you’re at all nervous about your move, knowing the good things about Long Beach can help you get excited. Then, you can look forward to your new home. So consider these advantages of living in Long Beach.

Great Weather

Southern California is well-known for its fantastic climate throughout the year. You don’t have to worry about it getting too hot. And if you’re sick of the cold in Wisconsin, you won’t have to worry about that either.


Long Beach is a bit warmer and sunnier than other parts of California, though. So while you may be able to ditch your winter coat, you should look for clothes that will keep you cool during the summer. You can enjoy the beaches and other areas of Long Beach at any time of year, and you can walk around without needing to bundle up.

Near the Beach

As the name would suggest, Long Beach is near the Pacific Ocean, so you can easily visit the beach. You can take advantage of that and get more sun and Vitamin D exposure, which can make you feel better. The waves can make you feel calmer, and the bit of sun you get can help your skin as long as you’re careful.


Going to the beach is an excellent activity for your day off, but you can also enjoy shopping and other entertainment options that aren’t on the beach. Still, having the flexibility to visit the beach or not is a welcome change.

Close to Other Cities

Long Beach is also close enough to make visiting cities, like Los Angeles or Santa Monica, a no-brainer. You don’t have to worry about booking a flight or hotel to go to Disneyland. If you want to head south, it’s also not too far from San Diego and Carlsbad.


The location of Long Beach makes it perfect for anyone who wants to explore with day trips. You can enjoy the coast, but you can also travel inland to Palm Springs or Redlands. The entire Los Angeles area is at your disposal.

Easy to Travel

If you’re concerned about LA’s infamous traffic, you don’t have to worry too much. Traveling within Long Beach is surprisingly easy thanks to their train line. The average commute time in the city is less than half an hour.


When it comes to traveling outside the city, Long Beach even has its own airport. You don’t have to worry about going to LAX, which can make flying much less stressful. Then, you can visit other parts of the country or return to Wisconsin if you have family there.

Education and Employment

Long Beach is also an excellent place to live if you want to prioritize education and employment. The city has plenty of fantastic public and private schools for K-12 education, which is useful if you have a family. If you’re moving to Long Beach for college, you’re also in luck.


Not only does Long Beach have two colleges, but the city’s location puts you close to other universities and schools. You’re not too far away from schools like the University of California-Irvine and the University of Southern California.


When it comes time to look for a job, you can stay in Long Beach. The city has a growing job market with plenty of new openings each year. Once you finish your education, you can probably find a good job either in Long Beach or nearby.

Cost of Moving From Wisconsin to Long Beach

While the exact cost of moving From Wisconsin to Long Beach can vary, the average is $2,787.26.


Cost to Move to Long Beach from Wisconsin 


Your move may cost more or less based on the weight and number of your belongings, how much you have to pack and where you’re moving from in Wisconsin. Get an Instaquote above to see how much the move will cost you.

How to Move From Wisconsin to Long Beach

Any successful cross-country move requires some planning and coordination. Not only do you have to figure out where you’ll live in Long Beach, but you need to tie up any loose ends in Wisconsin. You’ll also need to choose a timeline for your move, from the initial packing to fully settling into your new place.


If you’ve never moved between states, the process can be overwhelming. But if you take it one step at a time, you can make it manageable. Consider what you need to do to make the move go smoothly.

Determine What You Can Move

The first thing you should do when moving from Wisconsin to Long Beach is to figure out what you’ll take with you. That includes everything from your clothing and office supplies to your furniture and vehicles. What you take will depend on your situation, so think about what you will need and what you can get there.


Next, figure out what you can move yourself. It’s easy enough to pack your clothes into a suitcase, and you can put things like books into a backpack. But if you have a lot of furniture or other bulky items, you may need help. So think about what your family can do and what will require professional movers.

Make a List

Next, make a list of everything you’ll be taking to Long Beach and categorize it. Break things down by their room or place in your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Then, you can figure out how many boxes you’ll need to move.


You can also use your list to separate items that you can move from what you’ll need help moving. If you can’t have help for the entire move, you can move those bigger items when you do have movers available.

Know When You’ll Move

Speaking of your move, you need to figure out the timeline. Consider when you need to be in Long Beach and when your new home will be available. If you’re moving for school or a job, you may need to be there by a certain time.


You may also need to be out of your current place in Wisconsin if your lease is up or if you’ve sold your house. Either way, you can use those factors to determine when you should move across the country. You can then start booking things like flights and a moving company.

Book a Moving Company

If you want to make sure you move your bigger items safely, you should work with professional movers. You don’t have to have a massive moving budget, and you can move your smaller items to save money.


But when you have a bed, a couch and other large pieces of furniture, movers can be invaluable. You won’t have to move everything, which can save you time, and your movers can pack everything so that they’re safe during the move.

Life on the Beach

You should consider a few things if you’re beginning the process of moving from Wisconsin to Long Beach. Not only should you look at the benefits of the southern California city, but you should consider how you’ll move your belongings. Think about when you’ll move and what you need to bring.


Then, you can get to your new place with everything in good condition. You won’t have to worry about repurchasing essential items, so you can focus on exploring the town. And you can enjoy a day at the beach knowing that you have everything you need.

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