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Moving from Seattle to Portland

Though it is less than three hours from Seattle, Portland is full of new adventures and has plenty of its own unique amenities to offer. If you dream about living somewhere with stunning natural beauty, friendly people, and a quirky, eccentric vibe...Portland is the place for you. Though it may not rival Seattle’s coffee scene, everything else about Portland tends to be just as vibrant as Seattle with a slightly lower price tag. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of life in this Pacific Northwest city!

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Benefits of Moving from Seattle to Portland

Job Opportunities

Business is booming in Portland, making it possible to find a variety of employment opportunities. The prominence of startups and local entrepreneurs in the city helped Portland earn the nickname, “Silicon Forest.” The tech industry in Portland has exploded, thanks in part to large companies like Intel Corporation, Tektronix, InFocus, Hewlett-Packard Co, Xerox, and Epson just to name a few. Other large employers in the area include medical businesses like the Oregon Health and Science University and Providence Health and Services. The Nike headquarters is also located just outside Portland and employs over 12,000 people. Thanks to the many employment opportunities, Portland has earned a top ranking for job seekers.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home in Portland, as it’s location is positioned perfectly for enjoying the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With two mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean close by, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The Willamette River runs right through the heart of the city and is great for water activities like stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and boating. Residents can also take a stroll through Forest Park, ski down Mount Hood, and bike through the Gateway Green. With so much natural beauty, the opportunities for outdoor adventures are endless.

Change of Season

Despite its reputation for rainfall (something you will be accustomed to coming from Seattle), Portland residents get to enjoy four distinct seasons. The ample rainfall lends itself to bright green grass and gorgeous flowers in spring. Summer in Portland is also idyllic, given the mild temperatures and more consecutive days of sunshine. Fall brings with it some of the most beautiful foliage and though the winter months can be chilly, temperatures generally hover over 40 degrees and snow is minimal.

Exciting Culinary Scene

Portland has a culinary scene like no other. Over the past decade, they have welcomed numerous new eating establishments including restaurants which feature world-renowned chefs. Many of these restaurants also focus on sustainability and feature locally grown food. In addition to its wide variety of restaurants, Portland also has an impressive fleet of food trucks serving their own unique concoctions. The city also hosts a number of food festivals which showcase the city’s vibrant culinary scene. In addition to the city’s exceptional culinary scene, Portland has nearly 60 craft breweries each offering their own unique recipes. And while it may not rival Seattle, Portland has a host of specialty coffee shops and still caters to coffee lovers.

Friendly People

One of the first things you will notice as a transplant from Seattle is how friendly the people are in Portland. Perhaps it’s just part of the city’s hippie culture, but Portland is known for being a laid-back, friendly, and welcoming place. People here are quick to greet their neighbors, strike up a conversation at the store, and greet strangers with a smile.

Creative Culture

Portland is undeniably one of the most artsy and creative cities in the country. They have a serious emphasis on self-expression and this is evident in the city’s countless museums, galleries, and festivals. The city is dotted with colorful murals that foster a love for art and promote the work of local artists. Residents can even admire the work of local artists at three monthly art walks held during the summer.

Cost of Moving from Seattle to Portland 

Moving is a big task that can incur a lot of expenses. At Allied, we strive to provide customers with the best service at a price they can afford. The average cost to move from Seattle to Portland with Allied is $1,816.22. Of course there are many factors that will determine the exact cost such as the actual distance of the move and the number of items being moved. The easiest way to get an accurate quote is by using our Instaquote listed above. You can also call and have one of our professional estimators come out and provide you with a free quote.

Average cost to move to Portland from Seattle

How to Move from Seattle to Portland

Moving can be stressful but moving from one city to another can present even more challenges. That’s why it’s important to move with a professional moving company like Allied who can coordinate every aspect of your move from beginning to end. Allied has been moving customers like you for more than 80 years so we know exactly what it takes to handle a long-distance move. We provide our customers with the help they need every step of the way from packing and loading their belongings to safely and efficiently transporting them to their new home. We want your relocation to be as easy and hassle-free as possible so call us today and find out more about our convenient and affordable moving services

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