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Moving from Las Vegas to Riverside - Benefits, Cost & How To

If you're planning to move from Las Vegas to Riverside, California, then there are essentials to know. First, life in Riverside is different from Las Vegas since it's located just 80km southeast of LA – one of the most famous cities in the world.

While population-wise, Las Vegas wins hands-down, there are special perks of living in this smaller part of Southern California. Here's what life looks like in Riverside from a closer perspective.

Moving from Las Vegas to Riverside, CA

Benefits of Moving from Las Vegas to Riverside

To some, moving from Las Vegas to Riverside may seem like a downgrade. However, in the real sense, moving to Riverside, CA, could be one of the best decisions you make.

Affordable Housing

If you're planning to buy a home in Riverside, there are numerous housing options available. Unfortunately, most homes in the city designed for families are situated in the suburbs with a median value of $394,400.

However, the home value could be rising since investors are looking at housing options here as a potentially profitable venture.

Stable Education System

One of the vital factors of a move, especially with children, is their education. Where will they get a similar or better education system? According to the Riverside Unified District, parents have multiple learning institutions to choose from in Riverside.

These schools range from the elementary level to high school and offer students one of the best curriculums. They include:

Mark Twain Elementary School

This school is in the Orangecrest neighborhood and among the best performing in the city. It has competitive examinations that give the learner hands-on skills and technology to assist in complicated functions. Here, your child comes out as an overall achiever.

Amelia Earhart Middle School

Amelia Earhart is among the accomplished institutions in Riverside city. The school boasts an advanced STEM course that prepares kids in grades seven and eight for the job market by equipping them with science and technological subjects.

Martin Luther King High School

If you aim to get your children through to University, MLK high school is the place to be. With an impressive graduation rate of 97, the school equips learners with skills for advanced learning in institutions of higher learning.

Central to Southern California Attractions

Southern California is home to many of the world's tourist attractions, and Riverside is centrally poised for all of them. One favorite tourist destination is Disneyland in Anaheim. This is where visitors come to spend time with their favorite Disney characters on TV.

Not far from there is the San Bernardino Mountains, where you can go hiking during your free time. Plus, relax at the Temecula and taste varieties of wine as you watch the LA bright lights from afar.

Suitable Weather

While temperatures in Las Vegas tend to fluctuate, those in Riverside remain constant through the year. On average, temperatures in the city never go above 103-degrees Fahrenheit or below 30-degrees Fahrenheit. In short, the summers can be hot, but it's mostly cool and cloudy during the winter.

Moderate Cost of Living

While LA has a reputation for being expensive, prices in Riverside are more standardized. According to research, the city's living cost falls below the national average, which is a good sign overall.

On a one vs. one basis, gasoline is cheaper here than most other parts, and so are the rental prices of homes. Everything else from restaurants to healthcare and even transportation is generally lower and suits even a moderate budget.

How To Move from Las Vegas to Riverside

Moving from one state to another can be a real challenge. Long distance moves always present many questions that sometimes don't have answers, especially when doing it alone. Who will do the heavy lifting of household items, how will they get there in one piece? These are some of the stressful questions you'll encounter during your move. Remember, there's a 239-mile distance between Riverside, CA, and Las Vegas, Nevada, which takes about 3 hours and 32 min by road.

So, the best strategy is to hire a professional moving company to plan the logistics for you. In the end, they'll be responsible for the safety of your belongings during transportation.

Costs of Moving from Las Vegas to Riverside

The average cost of moving from Las Vegas to Riverside with Allied Van Lines is $2,330.12. Of course, many other factors go into calculating moving costs: the number of belongings being moved, the distance covered, packing and unpacking, special items to include, and so much more.

The best way to find the actual cost is to complete the Instaquote above. You can get in touch with one of our representatives for a cost-evaluation.

Costs of moving from Las Vegas to Riverside, CA

Most Popular Areas in Riverside

Riverside has a steadily growing population, and much of it seems to be those coming in from other states. So, expect a lot of newcomers as well living in some of these popular neighborhoods around the city:


This is by far one of the ideal locations to reside in the entire city. The place has a population of 18,304 as of this year and thus, not overly congested like other parts of Riverside.

Moreover, since it's in the southeastern part of Riverside, there are numerous public and private schooling options. Finally, the proximity to UCPath Centre makes it the ideal location for those who want to work closer to home but not at the actual residence.

Orangecrest being a community-based neighborhood consisting of families, the median home value sits at $386,283.

Canyon Crest

Canyon Crest, as the name suggests, is on the hilly terrains of Riverside. It strategically sits between Sycamore Canyon Park and Box Spring Mountains, offering the best views on this side of the country.

The population here is diverse, which according to statistics, is 16,329 as of last year. Plus, homes here are more affordable than Orangecrest, with a better road system and means of transportation.

Downtown Riverside

This neighborhood sums up life in Riverside. It is among the historical places where locals and visitors gather for fun and a cultural experience like never before. In short, Downtown Riverside is the heart of this Inland Empire.

But it is more than fun that attracts people to live here, as the place is home to multiple award-winning schools. Plus, there's a fully-equipped hospital and one of the largest parks in the city not far from the central business district.

The fact that the routes are easily accessible by foot makes it all the more convenient places to live since it lowers your transportation costs and improves your health. Besides, this walkability is the main reason behind falling obesity rates in the area.

Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is one of the oldest and more conservative neighborhoods in Riverside. Homes here were built during the 1800s, and the place has rich historical significance to the city. One of the best features of this town is the canal that draws water from the Santa Ana River through gravity.

There's a community hospital despite the place being majority rural. Plus, the neighborhood nears several gym fitness centers and has a historical park where you can go hiking on your days off.

Spaces here are subdivided into a minimum of five acres for those who desire to engage in farming.

Why Allied Van Lines?

Long-distance moves are more stressful than any other, regardless of the distance. Alone, you will encounter multiple challenges that might derail your move. But, a professional company like Allied Van Lines helps you plan out the small details, including the packing phase, which is most difficult.

In turn, this conveniently saves you money, time, and stress associated with a move. So if you're planning to move from Las Vegas to Riverside, contact us and we'll be happy to help you move the right way.

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