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Moving from Boston to Philadelphia - Benefits, Cost & How To

Are you contemplating a move from the historic city of Boston to the vibrant metropolis of Philadelphia? With approximately 300 miles between them, moving from Boston to Philadelphia can feel like the adventure of a lifetime. Yet, compared to many other major East Coast cities, Philadelphia’s everyday costs are a lot more reasonable. Even those who enjoy the low rent prices in Boston will be surprised by Philadelphia, which is almost 33% cheaper. Needless to say, this is only enough to convince anyone to move to Philadelphia. The local population increases by 0.2% every year for a variety of reasons, and the cost of living is only one of them. 

Are you wondering how to move from Boston to Philadelphia? We’re here to guide you through the process, providing insights into the benefits, costs, and seamless transition from one iconic city to another.

Bronze statue of William Penn atop City Hall in Philadelphia

Benefits of Moving from Boston to Philadelphia

While the debate between West Coast and East Coast cities continues, there is no denying that living on the East Coast can present many advantages. Whether in Boston or in Philadelphia, you benefit from time zone dominance for all major broadcast and stock markets. You’re also less at risk of earthquakes, unlike those living on the West Coast. Besides, if traveling is your mojo, you’re much closer to Europe, and flights are considerably cheaper, too. The proximity to Europe also means that East Coast cities have a much richer heritage, both historically and culturally, as this is where the Europeans first reached America. While Boston and Philadelphia share these East Coast properties, each city has its unique charm. With just over 300 miles between them, you'll discover the distinctiveness of Philadelphia's culture, history, and opportunities. 


With a cost of living index of 101.2, Philadelphia stands out as one of the most affordable major cities in the U.S., particularly on the North Coast. Housing costs are always a significant contributor to overall expenses. In Philly, they are 32.9% cheaper than in Boston. It makes no doubt that affordability makes Philadelphia an attractive option for those seeking urban living without the exorbitant price tag.

Needless to say, it extends a welcoming hand to middle-class families, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the experience of residing in a bustling East Coast city without straining their budget. Philadelphia's commitment to maintaining a reasonable cost of living enhances its appeal, making it an accessible and practical option for residents from various walks of life.

Rich History and Culture

Philadelphia, a city steeped in history, holds fascinating tales and cultural wonders. It’s a city that is deeply entwined with the US spirit, with the Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was signed) and the Liberty Bell. Did we mention Rocky’s statue too? Rocky embodies the perseverance and hard work of the US to succeed. 

It also proudly hosts America's first hospital, business school, electronic computer, and stock exchange, showcasing its innovative spirit.

Explore the city's rich culture through its 99 museums, like The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The National Museum of American Jewish History, and The Franklin Institute. These places aren't just for tourists; they bring a lively cultural vibe to daily life. In the music scene, Philadelphia gave birth to the soulful Philadelphia soul genre. Check out the historic Union Transfer concert hall, a musical gem from the 1800s. Philadelphia's story blends historical achievements with a thriving cultural heartbeat, creating a vibrant canvas filled with innovation, creativity, and a proud heritage.

A Welcoming Place

Philadelphia, with 25 central neighborhoods, is not just a city but a welcoming community. As a newcomer, expect open arms and a united spirit, blending the charm of a small community with big city opportunities. The city's people are direct, genuine, and friendly, making Philadelphia feel like home as familiar faces become a part of your daily routine.

William Penn's choice of "Philadelphia" for the city's name, combining Greek words for love and brother, gave rise to its enduring nickname: the City of Brotherly Love. In LOVE Park, across from City Hall in Center City Philadelphia, the iconic LOVE sculpture stands as a reminder of the city's commitment to unity and fellowship.

Many Activities

Philadelphia offers a diverse range of activities for everyone. Sports enthusiasts can immerse themselves in pro baseball, basketball, football, and rugby events. Explore the city's artistic side by strolling past the 4,000 murals that make Philadelphia the mural capital of the U.S.

Philly's food scene is a delight, boasting the birthplace of the soft pretzel and the iconic cheesesteak. Indulge in the Italian Market area's culinary treasures and delightful pasta.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Fairmount Park, over ten times the size of Central Park, offers a perfect weekend retreat. Families can visit hands-on museums and playgrounds, while adults can relish the lively nightlife featuring shows, bars, and restaurants in the downtown district.

And, of course, Philadelphia takes pride in its professional sports franchises: the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and 76ers. With its vast offerings, Philadelphia ensures something for everyone in the City of Brotherly Love.

Higher Education

Philadelphia stands as a treasure trove of academic options. Philadelphia boasts an array of impressive colleges and universities. At the forefront of this academic landscape is the Philadelphia Big Five, comprising La Salle, Pennsylvania, Saint Joseph’s, Temple, and Villanova. 

How to Move from Boston to Philadelphia

Embarking on a move from Boston to Philadelphia? While the prospect of a DIY move might be tempting, it comes with its set of challenges. Consider the logistics: packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. It's a considerable undertaking, and missteps can lead to added stress, potential damages, and unforeseen costs.

This is why working with professional movers brings expertise to the table. As expert movers, we can streamline the process. We know how to utilize space efficiently, handle items with care, and reduce the risks of damage. We save you both time and money through the process. 

Cost of Moving from Boston to Philadelphia

The average linehaul cost to move from Boston to Philadelphia with Allied is $3,000. The cost of moving will depend on several factors, such as exact distance of the move, how many belongings you're bringing with you, the time of year, and if you require additional services such as packing and unpacking your items. To find a more accurate quote tailored to you, fill out our Instaquote listed above.

Average cost to move: $3,000

While doing the move yourself might seem cheaper at first, consider the benefits of hiring professionals. Ultimately, there are better ways to save money than by moving yourself. Fill out our Instaquote for an accurate estimate of our services. This will not only ensure you can relocate within budget, but it can also save you a lot of hassle! We're here to help you budget your move and make your relocation from Boston to Philadelphia smooth and stress-free.

Most Popular Areas in Philadelphia

Philadelphia's diverse neighborhoods each present a unique tapestry of experiences. Among the top contenders, Washington Square West, Old City, Rittenhouse Square & Fitler Square, Fairmount, and Northern Liberties shine as vibrant communities.

  • Washington Square West: A charming and safe neighborhood, Washington Square West, also known as Gayborhood, boasts vintage boutiques, galleries, and historical landmarks like Pennsylvania Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University.
  • Old City: The birthplace of American Independence, Old City seamlessly blends history with modern living. Museums, parks, and culinary delights coexist, making it a peaceful yet culturally enriched haven.
  • Rittenhouse Square & Fitler Square: Adorned with picturesque townhomes, these neighborhoods offer a perfect mix of history and modernity. Cultural charm, green spaces, and convenient amenities make them ideal for students, young professionals, and families.
  • Fairmount: Known as an art museum, Fairmount stands as a cultural hub with world-class museums, historical attractions, and iconic landmarks like the Rocky Steps. Diverse dining options and a balanced mix of nature and city life add to its charm.
  • Northern Liberties: Once an industrial area, Northern Liberties has transformed into a hipster hotspot with art galleries, trendy boutiques, and vibrant community events. Its dynamic atmosphere appeals to craft beer enthusiasts and those seeking an active community.

These neighborhoods collectively make Philly a heartwarming and welcoming community, catering to various preferences and lifestyles and creating a vibrant living experience.

Why Allied Van Lines?

Choose Allied Van Lines for a seamless relocation experience. With over 95 years of expertise, we specialize in long-distance moves. We know our stuff, and we can tailor our comprehensive services to your needs. So, whether you are looking for someone who can manage packing and transportation or just transportation, we’re here to make your move from Boston to Philadelphia happen. With customer satisfaction as our priority, we strive to help you start your new life in Philly in a relaxed and easy environment. 

Are you looking to organize moving from Boston to Philadelphia? Contact Allied Van Lines today for personalized moving services and ensure a smooth transition to your new home!

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