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Moving from Boston to Denver - Benefits, Cost & How To

Changing your location from Boston to Denver is a big move. The distance between the cities by road is over 1,970 miles, taking 29 hours to drive. 

Even so, many people decide to make the switch anyway. Professionals and families often want to escape the confines of the Northeast and settle somewhere with more space. 

As the capital of Colorado, Denver is the perfect location for people with these aspirations. Every year, approximately 8,000 individuals move to the city, seeking to enjoy its high standards of living and stunning natural beauty. 

Are you considering relocating from Boston to Denver? Here, we discuss the benefits of moving between these great cities, the costs involved, and the most popular parts of town for new arrivals. 

Benefits of moving from Boston to Denver

Moving from Boston to Denver brings many benefits for those who make the nearly 2,000-mile trip. If you take the plunge, you can look forward to zero state income tax, a thriving craft beer scene, and a growing economy with plenty of job opportunities to rival those back home. 

Lower Cost Of Living

The cost of living is significantly more affordable in Denver than in Boston. According to Numbeo, consumer prices (including rent) are 17.1% lower, restaurant prices are 17.4% lower, and groceries are 13% lower, despite Denver being the larger city with approximately 9% more people.

Denver’s lower cost of living exists for several reasons. Notably, Colorado has no state income tax (unlike Massachusetts), which is an immediate 5% saving. In addition to that, it also has higher land availability, lower property taxes, and lower energy costs (due to the milder winters), cutting bills further.

Mountain Paradise

Denver is also beside the Rocky Mountains, a paradise for anyone who loves mountain biking, hiking, or skiing in the winter. The region fosters an active lifestyle, encouraging people to escape their homes and enjoy the natural beauty around them. Perhaps that’s why the state has a much lower obesity rate than other parts of the country!

Sunny Weather

Denver also has significantly better weather than Boston. Unlike the latter, the former has mild winters and a more predictable climate – great for planning winter trips. 

Data show that Denver gets around 245 days of sunshine annually, significantly more than Boston’s 200. It also gets just 15 inches of rain compared to Boston’s 44, ideal for anyone who detests gray, dreary days. 

Craft Beer Scene

The craft beer scene is another significant benefit of moving to Denver. The city hosts a sizable community of amateur brewers, creating artisanal beers that taste incredible compared to those from mass-market brands. 

Yes, Boston also has a craft beer scene, but Denver’s is on a new level. Nearby, you can find famous craft breweries, including Great Divide Brewing, New Belgium Brewing Company, and Odell Brewing Co., plus access to festivals throughout the year. 

Better Air Quality

Finally, Denver may offer higher air quality than Boston. The city is thousands of miles from the east and west coasts, which could be helpful for those with breathing difficulties. 

How to move from Boston to Denver

Moving from Boston and Denver can be challenging, given the enormous distance between them. However, once you know how to do it, it is surprisingly simple. 

Step 1: Set Out Your Goals

The first step is to set out your goals and consider why you want to move to Denver. For instance, you relocate to be closer to family, escape the pollution of the Northeast, or lower the cost of living. Pick something that motivates you. 

Step 2: Figure Out How Much You Need to Spend

The next step is to work out the cost of moving. Usually, if you own a property in Boston, selling it releases enough money to pay for an equivalent home in Denver and all the additional moving costs because of the higher property prices. However, you should budget for a downpayment if you don’t have a home to sell. (We discuss the cost of moving from Boston to Denver in the next section).

Step 3: Hire A Moving Company

After that, get in touch with your moving company. Building a partnership as soon as you know when you want to move makes it easier to pick the perfect moving date. Movers will tell you when they are free and whether you can get a discount by booking off-peak. 

Step 4: Buy Or Rent Your New Accommodation

Once you’ve done that, buy or rent your new accommodation. If you aren’t sure whether you want to move to Denver permanently, consider renting somewhere for just six months before buying a permanent property there. 

Step 5: Clear Out Your Boston Home

Before packing everything onto the truck, declutter your home in Boston. Get rid of anything you don’t need to take with you to reduce the cost of your move. 

Step 6: Move In 

Eventually, the date will come for your move. You could drive from Boston to Denver or take a flight that arrives at the same time as your belongings. 

Step 7: Complete the Administrative Tasks

Finally, finish all the admin associated with moving. Tell the utility companies about the move, and change the address on your passport. Inform old friends of your new address and set up a mail forwarding service for everyone else. 

Cost of moving from Boston to Denver 

The average linehaul moving costs from Boston to Denver with Allied is $4,500. However, the actual price depends on numerous factors, such as the quantity of belongings you want to move and any additional packing or unpacking services you want. The cost will also be higher if transporting special items like grand pianos. 

Average cots to move: $4,500

If you want to find out how much your move will cost more accurately, use our Instaquote tool above. Simply enter your current address and where you are moving to, the date of your move, and the size of your home for a free estimate

Most Popular Areas in Denver 

Like any large metropolitan area, Denver offers diverse neighborhoods with strikingly different atmospheres. Therefore, it pays to do a little research on where you want to live before you finally move. 

To help you, we’ve included some of the most popular areas in the city below. 


Baker is a hotspot for single professionals who love a more European style of city living. The area has a small-town vibe but also offers easy access to downtown via roads and public transport. 

As you might expect, the neighborhood is hip. Expect craft beers, gay bars, and plenty of rooftops on which to party away the night. 

Washington Park

Washington Park is another haunt for professionals wanting a safe environment to enjoy recreational activities and network. The area is one of the oldest in the city and comparable to Boston’s Jamaica Pond or Arnold Arboretum. Move here if you want well-maintained sidewalks, expansive parks, and access to boutique stores. 

South Park Hill

Those looking for something more family-friendly should consider South Park Hill. This part of town is a dreamy neighborhood, offering plenty of safe areas for children to play and let off energy. Nearby are plenty of large parks and green spaces, with many essential amenities within walking distance. 

Five Points

Five Points is another option for young professionals looking for a diverse neighborhood with a thriving cultural scene. The area, close to Curtis Park and Union Station, has a long black-American jazz history. And while it might not be the safest place to relocate, it does offer plenty of character. 


Finally, you might want to consider moving to University if you are a student. This part of town offers plenty of affordable apartments and quick access to campus. It is also a great place for networking, packed with other students and professors. 

Why Allied Van Lines?

If you are considering moving from Boston to Denver, choosing a moving company that knows and understands the territory is essential. That’s where Allied Van Lines can help. We have over 95 years of experience helping people move across the country and also have a massive network of movers who can jump into action at any time, regardless of where you live. Over 700,000 people have used us throughout our history. 

When you come to us, you decide how to use our services. We offer a full-stack moving service that includes everything from packing to unpacking at the other end, so you can pick and choose what you need. 

Call our team to learn more about our services and how we can help you relocate from Boston to Denver. We’re always here to help.

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