Moving from Maryland to Texas

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Moving from Maryland to Texas

If you are planning to move to Texas, you aren’t alone. Half of the country’s fastest growing cities are located in Texas. So, just what is it about the Lone Star State that attracts so many newcomers each year?  Affordable cost of living, excellent job opportunities, and fantastic food are just a few things that top the list. As you prepare to make the move from Maryland to Texas, let us be among the first to say “Howdy” and let you in on some of the amazing benefits of life in the Lone Star State.

 Moving from Maryland to Texas

Benefits of Moving from Maryland to Texas

Employment Opportunities

The oil and gas industries have helped turn Texas into an economic powerhouse, particularly in Houstin. However, the state has also seen an exponential growth among other industries including technology, manufacturing, and business services in addition to its strong military presence. This has led to a growing number of jobs and four of the top 10 metropolitan areas for job growth are in Texas.


Combine Texas’s robust economy with its affordable cost of living and it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to lay down roots in this southern state. For a large city, Houston is incredibly affordable compared to other major cities. The lower cost of living is evident in consumer costs, utilities, transport costs, and most importantly, housing prices. Land is cheaper in Texas than in other states which makes for more affordable real estate prices. In addition, Texas is one of only seven states that doesn’t have a personal income tax and it ranks among the lowest for state taxes.

Natural Beauty

Texas may have some of the largest cities in the U.S. but it is also home to some of the country’s most impressive natural beauty. Mountains, canyons, rock formations, caves, forests, and beautiful beaches are just some of the natural wonders found in the Lone Star State. Among these destinations are the historical Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Palo Duro Canyon, and the white sandy beaches of South Padre Island National Seashore.

Great Food

They say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to food, this saying holds true! Texas practically invented barbecue, and they are quite proud of it. There are hundreds of barbecue joints where you can indulge in this southern favorite. It is also heavily influenced by its Mexican border and is the birthplace of Tex-Mex food. You are sure to find plenty of places serving up fresh tacos, tortillas, and quesadillas. It’s bigger cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin are also home to a number of fantastic restaurants including everything from fine dining to food trucks.

Warm Weather

You can forget about shoveling snow in those cold Maryland winters. Texas is home to warm weather year-round. Although the temperatures can get quite hot in the summer, the other nine months of the year are quite pleasant and mild with little to no snow and plenty of sunshine.

Excellent Education

Texas’s public school ranking is higher than the national average, with only 6% of the state’s districts scoring below a C grade. In addition, Texas is home to more than 200 colleges and universities including a number of top-ranked institutions including Rice University, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, University of Texas at Austin, and Southern Methodist University.

Southern Hospitality

Texans are known for their friendly personalities and true southern hospitality. It’s not uncommon for you to receive a tip of the hat along with a “Howdy ma’am” at the local grocery store. Texas residents have a tendency for kindness and politeness to neighbors and it's common to host gatherings and parties for just about any reason.

Most Popular Cities to Live in Texas


Affordable housing and a growing job market are what attract many people to the Houston area. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country thanks in large part to its flourishing economy. While it still remains an oil and energy hub, Houston has also seen growth in industries such as healthcare, biotechnology, information technology, and aerospace. Aside from employment opportunities, Houston remains quite affordable for a large city. Residents get to enjoy the amenities of a big city without paying the hefty price tag. Furthermore, Houston is packed with fabulous restaurants, exciting nightlife, and professional sports teams.

Dallas-Ft. Worth

The Dallas Ft. Worth area boasts an abundance of job opportunities as more and more corporations choose to make the area their home. Combine this booming economy with a low cost of living, warm climate, great food, and four professional sports teams and it’s easy to see why Dallas has been ranked as one of the best places to live in America. Dallas residents have the option to enjoy a busting urban city as well as quieter suburban neighborhoods.


People are drawn to the capital of Texas for a number of reasons including affordability, music, outdoor spaces, and laid-back vibe. Named the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin has an array of music venues where local bands are entertaining crowds every weekend. Aside from its incredible music, Austin has a strong economy, incredible food, ample greenspaces, and friendly people which all help to make it one of the top-ranked cities to live in America. It’s world-class food scene, excellent sports teams, and outdoor recreational opportunities appeal to young professionals, families, and hipsters.

San Antonio

San Antonio draws thousands of visitors each year thanks to famous attractions like The Alamo, Sea World, Six Flags, Fiesta Texas, and the River Walk. San Antonio offers big city amenities with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.  Locals enjoy the delicious food, rich culture and history, loads of festivals and events and cheering on the San Antonio Spurs. Thanks to its affordable cost of living, ample sunshine, easy commutes, and laid back lifestyle, San Antonio ranks among the top 35 best cities to live in America.

Cost of Moving from Maryland to Texas

As you prepare for your move from Maryland to Texas, you are probably concerned about the cost of your move. Long-distance moves can be expensive, so it’s important to shop around to find the best price. The average cost to move from Maryland to Texas with Allied is $4,007.76.  Of course, the actual price will be dependent on the number of items being moved, the exact distance of the move, and any additional moving services such as packing and unpacking. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our Instaquote listed above.

Cost of moving from Maryland to Texas

How to Move from Maryland to Texas

Long distance moves can be very stressful and require exceptional organization and detailed logistics. That’s why it is important to entrust experienced professionals like Allied with your long-distance move. Allied has been serving customers for more than 90 years and is fully equipped to handle your move from Maryland to Texas. With full-service options including packing and unpacking and full transport,  Allied can make your long distance move less stressful.

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