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If you’re looking for the best moving company Maine has to offer, you’re in luck!

When you move to Maine, your home is the New England state known for its rocky coastline, low-rolling mountains, picturesque waterways, and seafood cuisine - especially lobster and clams.  The state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, New Hampshire to the west, and the Canadian provinces to the north. It is the most northern and eastern state in the country.  Maine has a "drowned coast" landscape, where a rising sea level has invaded former land features, creating bays out of valleys and islands out of mountain tops.  Winters are cold and snowy throughout the state, but coastal areas are moderated somewhat by the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in milder winters.

Soon, you’ll be among the ranks of the great people that call Maine home.  The author, Stephen King, was born in Maine and has set many of his stories there, such as The Shawshank Redemption, which like many of his other works, was adapted into a movie that was also set in Maine.  Other notable people from Maine include Anna Kendrick, Patrick Dempsey, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Nelson Rockefeller.

Augusta is the capital of Maine, and a great choice for relocation.  Located on the Kennebec River, Augusta is home to the University of Maine at Augusta.  Points of interest include the Blaine House, the historic building given to the state of Maine in 1919 to be used as the governors’ mansion.

The largest city in the state is Portland, and another fine choice for residence.  With a metropolitan area that is home to half a million people, more than a third of Maine’s population lives here.  The city has more than 230 restaurants, ranking it among the top cities in the United States with exceptional per capita restaurant density. 

Just over twelve miles south of Portland lay the popular summer town of Kennebunkport.  This historic town features museums, a restored area of town with many shops and galleries, and a scenic walkway from the square to Walker’s Point.

The oldest lighthouse in the state is the Portland Head Light.  Located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, this light station marks the primary entrance to the Portland Harbor shipping channel.  It sits on a head of land in the Cisco Bay within the Gulf of Maine, and the lighthouse keepers’ house is a maritime museum.  It was built in 1761, and is presently maintained by the U. S. Coast Guard.  Call Allied today and we’ll help you set up your new home in Maine.


The driver and crew did a great job. They were friendly and showed great customer service. They showed interest in our stuff.

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Allied Van Lines

The overall care and the courtesy. The lady that I dealt with kept me informed during the entire process.

Doug D  of  Mansfield, AR 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

They did a very good job of showing up on time. They brought enough people to help load the truck. I had a scratch on one my belongings.

Colleen W  of  Zimmerman, MN 4.6 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I have used them before and it was more convenient to have someone load and unload opposed to renting a truck from Uhaul. The pricing was fair.

Julissa L  of  West Warwick, RI 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Both driver's and their crews were very nice and respectful. They took very good care of me and my items.

Marybeth M  of  Chapel Hill, NC 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The drivers were excellent. They were very polite, did everything in a timely fashion, and they did what I needed them to do.

Nicolas/Sophia A  of  Lynn, MA 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I have moved 7-8 times in my career, this was the single best move I have ever had. The driver and crew couldn't have done a better job.

Keith & Kit D  of  Union, KY 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The personality & professionalism of the drivers. The driver & crew had some mechanic difficulties & they were late but they called everyday so I was still satisfied.

Ann G  of  Sarasota, FL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I was pleased with everything except the crating. No one called to uncrate it and we had to uncrate it ourselves. No one did the uncrating and we did it ourself and I wasn't happy with that. The crater crated it, but the person to uncrate it never called.

Dan G  of  Tulsa, OK 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Moving is not a fun job yet they were still friendly and courteous. They were very careful with my items and was very timely.

Robert P  of  Auburn, AL 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I think it was the total process and service ability, quick response. Very responsive called and followed up with emails.

Suzie & John M  of  Las Vegas, NV 5 Rating:


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