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Whether you are moving into a new house on West Willow Knolls Drive or a new office building on North Sheridan Road, you can count on our two local Allied Van Lines agents. Both are based in Peoria, Illinois, and are ready to coordinate your relocation. With average consumer ratings of 4.78 out of 5 stars, our agents have established a strong reputation for dependable service. Our BBB-accredited agents can set you up with local movers who will efficiently pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack all of your belongings at your new place. Do you need some things dropped off at a temporary storage facility? We'll find the storage unit for you and ensure that your designated belongings are safely transported there.

Are you moving out of Illinois or out of the country? We coordinate international moves, too. Our licensed and bonded agents will find movers to accommodate all of your needs from vehicle transport to special care with fragile belongings. Our Peoria, IL, agents will help to lower the stress related to your move by selecting trustworthy movers to do the job. Give us a call at Allied Van Lines today to get a quote for your upcoming relocation.

Nestled along the Illinois River, Peoria has a lot to offer its residents. The riverbanks are lined with numerous hiking trails. The area also hosts a multitude of festivals throughout the year and is home to numerous wineries. The changing seasons offer beautiful scenery that makes it easy to see why so many people choose to call Peoria their home.

Allied Van Lines has been moving people to the Peoria area for decades. It doesn't matter if you're moving across the country or across the state boarder; we want to make your move goes as smooth as possible. Allied strives to provide the best customer service possible and even offers free in-home moving quotes.

We know that moving can be a stressful time. Organizing your things and getting everything packed takes a lot of time. In addition, clients may have concerns about the costs of moving and whether or not their belongings will arrive in Peoria safely. We aim to make your move quick and painless. Our staff uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure everything you own arrives at your new place intact. The company is licensed, bonded and insured, so there's no reason for you to worry about unforeseen accidents.

Moving can be expensive, especially if you're moving across the country. That's why we provide free in-home estimates to all of our potential clients. Moving companies can't accurately determine how much your move will cost over the phone. They need to see how many items need to be moved, so they can estimate their time properly. We will even weigh items for you to ensure we are giving you the most accurate price, eliminating any surprise costs after you move.

Here are a few things to remember when you choose Allied to move you to the Peoria area:

  • We offer estimates based on weight rather than cubic feet for accuracy.
  • We have an A+ certification with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured—just in case something happens to your belongings during transit.
  • We customize packages to meet your needs and budget.

If you're moving to Peoria, you'll be happy to know that Allied Van Lines can customize your package to meets all of your needs and more. There is no need to worry about moving when you choose us; give us a call today for your free in-home estimate.

Reviews from illinois Customers

  • The company cared, if we had any problems or questions the company was there and this was a wonderful experience.
  • I was satisfied with the service. There is still room for improvement. They could have been better in identifying my location.
  • Everyone did a really good job and the driver put a lot of effort into hisjob. The driver seemed to care about doing a good job.
  • The follow through with the delivery team, they came on time and did everything they were suppose to do.
  • The move was good. However I don't think that anyone will care as much about your items as much as you do.
  • Everyone was very nice and helpful. I think everyone did the best they could on most items. I did have a few problems with the unloading. The coordinator was helpful fix it.
  • Allied was punctual and considerate of me. I was very impressed because I only gave 4 days notice for a move across state lines and they were able to do it.
  • With Allied, it all depends on the local agent. Ours was in Chicago and we had wonderful service. I wouldn't recommend some of the other local services however.
  • Allied Van lines is a great company and I am very pleased with our driver Mike Follis. I would like to congratulate him on doing an excellent job.
  • I was very satisfied with the way that the entire move was handled. It was a difficult move, but Allied handled it very well.

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