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Are you ready for a moving company that can get you to and from Hawai’i safely, conveniently, and with minimal hassle? Allied Van Lines may very well be your best bet when traversing the pacific!

The island community of Hawai’i (sometimes referred to simply as Hawaii) can oftentimes be confused by tourists as the island state of Hawaii itself. However, don’t be fooled—the island of Hawai’i holds down its own culture and history in style, while featuring the largest land area of all of Hawaii’s major islands by far, along with a history and geological makeup that make it one of the most interesting entries into Hawaii’s identity in many more ways than just one. No officially incorporated cities currently exist within Hawai’i (perhaps an indication of its valuing of natural history and preservation), however the city of Hilo serves as both its largest city and its county seat. Hawai’i is known colloquially (and perhaps even comically) among local residents as “the Big Island,” perhaps to help tourists distinguish between the name of the state and the similarly named island itself.

Hawai’i features a relatively recent history of European expeditions that provided insight into its existence—the historically renowned English captain, James Cook, was known for many similar expeditions at the time, and made his way to the island of Hawai’i around the late 1700s, choosing to live there up until his somewhat untimely death. Protected areas of the island include nature reserves, volcanic areas, and odd geological features such as gargantuan “splits” in the island’s terrain, while major employers include large scale hotels and resorts, and the United States Government.

Whatever the details behind your move to Hawai’i may be (or even if you’ve decided to depart from the historically enriched island paradise for unfortunate reasons), you should be able to rest assured that Allied Van Lines will be able to successfully help you along, every step of the way. If you have any doubts, concerns, or questions regarding your move, feel free to reach out and consult with one of our many moving professionals, who will be happy to help you get started.

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