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Moving to or from Coral Springs, FL, isn't always a simple task. If you could use some professional assistance, look to a local Allied Van Lines agent. From Heron Bay to Turtle Run, we know the entire Coral Springs community. Do you need help with the logistics of a cross-country or international move? We help with those situations, too. Our licensed and bonded agents have all been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can count on receiving excellent service.

We're connected with movers who offer a full spectrum of services. Would you like a team with the capability to dismantle your home theater or office cubicles and set them back up at your new space? Would full-service movers who can do the packing be helpful to you? Just let us know what you need, and we'll make sure that it happens. We're also able to secure local storage solutions and find movers who can transport vehicles. Call us today to schedule moving services or receive a free quote for your upcoming relocation in Coral Springs.

Unique tropical locations are a must on many moving lists. Coral Springs, Florida, is one of the hottest tropical locations to visit and a great place to live. A covered bridge was the first structure built in this city, and it has become a historical attraction. Built in 1964 by Lewis Mullins and George Porter, the 40-foot bridge draws tourists and lovers of architecture. The covered bridge was meant to be the centerpiece of the beautiful city of Coral Springs.

For people who love living in places with history, Coral Springs provides a touch of Southern delight and historical tourist attractions. It is also the home of the World's largest hamburger and milkshake, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. It was created in 1988 for the city's 25th Anniversary.

Hiring a professional moving company can help you enjoy a stress free move. Whether you're moving from an international location or from a few states away, Allied Van Lines has the equipment and staff to get the job done without stress or frustration.

Allied Van Lines offers unparalleled moving experience, with over 85 years in the business. Moving is easy with the comprehensive and tailor-made moving packages, so you can get exactly what you need to make moving easy. For a stress-free move, Allied Van Lines offers help from the pre-packing stage of moving to the end of your move. Your personal moving plan is designed with your goals in mind, helping you to avoid damage, loss of items or having a stressful or frazzled moving day. Your personal relocation consultant can help you determine a plan for your move.

Allied Van Lines offers full-service packing, loading, transportation, fragile packing, unpacking and more. Your personalized plan will allow you to select the services you need to make sure you make it to Coral Springs without any unexpected surprises.

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  • The customer service and communication was extremely satisfactory and the crew did an exceptional job.
  • Allied did everything they said they would. The people who packed my items needto have more sense about packing
  • The crew was very efficient on time and I was very happy overall. It was pleasant and I enjoyed having the crew that I had.
  • The driver was very good. Even though the price was high, we went with Allied because of their reputation.
  • I think that 8 is a good rating for a moving company. I don't think there is a company that does a spectacular job.
  • The delivery team was on time and called me ahead of time to let me know when the delivery would arrive.
  • The truck and crew was very reliable, I can trust them to be on time, and they packed everything very well.
  • Everything was good. They were prompt and courteous and they did everything they said that they would do.
  • The way the team treated me. I appreciated the respect they showed me as a customer. Also, they were diligent, professional and did a great job.
  • The driver himself was fabulous. He came the day before and made sure everything was packed correctly.

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