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Cape Coral, Florida is typically associated with all things tourism. Surrounded by sandy beaches and beautiful blue water, it should come as no surprise that the city's beaches attract visitors from all over the world. Thanks to its designation as a supreme tourist destination, Cape Coral has been able to weather the recession well, even with a major housing crash that decimated most of Florida.

The housing crash of 2008 did cause some problems for the city; it halted construction projects that were once a large sector for the economy. However, as the economic recovery begins to pick up the pace, families are beginning to travel again, thus adding plenty of fuel to Cape Coral's economy.

Businesses both new and old have plenty of potential for success, and new residents will enjoy competitive home prices. The cost of doing business in Cape Coral may be on the low side, but you can further force that cost down if you stick with the right mover. Using an Allied mover is an affordable and worthwhile expense.

One of the main reasons businesses are now eager to move to Cape Coral is that the city has decided to expand its business incentive program. Cape Coral proudly boasts its lack of public service tax while giving its business pitch. City leaders also point to an overall low tax rate for the entire state of Florida. With a low cost of business in Cape Coral, many businesses are eager to move in and improve their bottom lines.

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  • The driver himself was fabulous. He came the day before and made sure everything was packed correctly.

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