Moving from Connecticut to North Carolina

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Moving From Connecticut to North Carolina

As North Carolina’s popularity continues to grow, more and more people from Connecticut and the Northeast are making their way down South. The Tar Heel state is seeing a surge in population growth as its burgeoning cities produce fantastic art, food, and cultural events.

 Moving from Connecticut to North Carolina


Unlike Connecticut, North Carolina’s climate is subtropical, humid, and mostly void of harsh winters and heavy snowfall. However, North Carolina offers many of the benefits Connecticuters love about their state. Long stretches of beaches and greenery remind some of Connecticut, but with more beach-appropriate weather year-round.

If the beach isn’t for you, North Carolina provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the mountains. You will find small resorts in the western region of the state as well as the Appalachian mountain trails.

Though Connecticut and North Carolina have their differences—there is certainly a distinction between the Northeast and the Southern way of life—those moving may find some solace in the comfort and traditional lifestyle that characterize North Carolina.

Benefits of Moving From Connecticut to North Carolina

Depending on your favorite climate, the weather is a stark contrast between these two states. On average, North Carolina gets about 45 to 50 inches of rain each year. Though rain is more prevalent, snowfall is almost nonexistent in the region. North Carolina gets very little snow and generally has very mild winters.

North Carolina is also known for its museums, zoos, aquariums, and outdoor getaways. The region is home to family-friendly activities and some of the best higher-education institutions in the country.

North Carolina has six separate cities with populations of at least 200,000, whereas Connecticut doesn’t have a single city with a population over 200,000. Urban living with forestry and the Appalachians at your doorstep, North Carolina offers a larger playground for those who are looking for a change of scenery.

Though the average median income in North Carolina trails that of Connecticut, new residents will benefit from the lower cost of living. The median home in North Carolina will run you about $220,000, a steal compared to the median home price of $260,000 in Connecticut.

Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and other booming North Carolina cities are also attracting the attention of new and prominent companies who are moving to the area or opening new branches. These companies include Honeywell, LendingTree, and Bank of America. Many are now deeming North Carolina as the startup capital of the South! State taxes are more than a full percentage point lower than in Connecticut. Lower taxes are one of the factors drawing companies to the state and could be an advantage for new residents.

With city attractions, outdoor hotspots, and a strong economic sector, North Carolina is chock-full of benefits!

Cost of Moving From Connecticut to North Carolina

North Carolina sits about 900 miles south of Connecticut. The drive from North to South will take about nine hours. Of course, the cost of moving will require more than just a tax on your time. Researching, organizing, and planning your move can be a costly endeavor, though it doesn’t always have to be.
Cost to move from Connecticut to North CarolinaThe average cost for moving from Connecticut to North Carolina will run you about $$3,304.19. The cost will vary depending on how much you’re moving, how many are moving, and of course, your negotiating skills. With that said, moves within 1,000 miles of your current residence tend to be far more cost-effective and easier to manage.

Doing some research and comparing your options beforehand will save you money down the road, so start your planning early, and don’t be afraid to get several quotes for any and all services you’ll need for a successful and safe relocation.

Most Popular Cities in North Carolina

North Carolina has a unique blend of big cities. Beyond Charlotte, the top five cities in North Carolina share a similar population and size. Each city is unique and evolving, and the parity among the top cities speaks to their individual charm and draw!


The largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte, is called home by roughly 905,000 residents. North Carolina’s largest business district is in Uptown Charlotte. With a strong job market and more businesses flocking to the area, Charlotte has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the South.

Though business is booming, Charlotte is much more than corporate offices and startups flooding out from garages. Charlotte is the only city in North Carolina with professional sports teams. The Charlotte Hornets and Panthers draw large crowds, and if you’re a historian, you will enjoy visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

If art is your calling, the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center will surely have something playing that will pique your interest. As the most populous city in North Carolina, Charlotte is never short on things to do, great food to eat, or events to behold!


The second-largest city in North Carolina is becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in America. According to Forbes, no city grew faster between 2000 and 2012 than Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh makes up one corner of the Research Triangle, a three-city stretch that encompasses some of the top higher-education institutions in the world. Raleigh, though not as populous as Charlotte, is the state’s capital and is famous for its Greek-revival style buildings and a unique city-center statue of George Washington dressed in Roman garb.

Recognized for its food halls, forest-laden hiking and biking trails, a thriving music scene, and cultural sites like the North Carolina Museum of Arts, Raleigh attracts a diverse citizenry with a variety of interests.


If you’re searching for a quaint town with lots of history, Greensboro may be for you! Just Northeast of Charlotte, Greensboro sits only forty miles south of the Virginia border.

With one of the most renowned Revolutionary War memorials in the country and one of the most revered Civil Rights museums, Greensboro is a town of nearly 300,000 residents who enjoy the city’s dynamic job market and rich culture.

In stark contrast to Raleigh and Charlotte, though growing, Greensboro stands out with a more traditional lifestyle. With beautiful statues, amazing wetlands, and beautiful parks everywhere you turn, life in Greensboro has a slightly slower pace compared to North Carolina’s larger municipalities.


Another corner of the Research Triangle, Durham, has three major colleges and is only a few miles away from Chapel Hill’s and Raleigh’s major universities. Durham has seen its population grow over 10% in the last decade. This growth is in large part due to its burgeoning tech and science scene.

While Charlotte is largely recognized as a significant business hub for the state, Durham has established itself as a center for innovation, partly due to Duke University’s reputation as a research university.

Durham has plenty of options to offer when it comes to entertainment. The city is gaining quite a reputation for offering some of the best food in the state, a blossoming music and arts scene, and a family-friendly city with museums, shopping, and recreation to keep Durhamites entertained!

How to Move From Connecticut to North Carolina

Taking the plunge and moving to a new state is never easy. Logistics are an essential consideration, and the cost of moving can sometimes feel burdensome. It’s important to focus on why you want to move and to think of the benefits rather than the drawbacks.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but when you’re ready to pack up and start your move, consider a few things to make the journey a bit easier on yourself.

Review the cost, research the best moving deals, and do your due diligence by exploring your soon-to-be home state. These action items will provide much-needed clarity throughout this process. This can be a stressful time, but it should be enjoyable as well. Every move is a new beginning. Make this new beginning count by choosing Allied to help you start your new life!

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