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Moving from Colorado to North Carolina - Benefits, Cost & How To

If you live in the Mountain West and dream of moving to the East Coast, moving from Colorado to North Carolina could be the perfect solution. However, moving your possessions 1,700+ miles to the east is no easy feat. Thankfully, Allied’s highly experienced interstate movers can manage those logistical challenges on your behalf, leaving you to discover why roughly 100,000 Americans relocate to the Tar Heel State each year.

The following guide will discuss the benefits of moving to North Carolina from Colorado as well as the costs and logistics involved when completing this type of cross-country move.

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Benefits of Moving from Colorado to North Carolina

When moving from Colorado to North Carolina, you won’t only buy a new home. You’ll be investing in a new way of life. While it does mean leaving the picturesque mountains of the Centennial State behind, East Coast living in NC has plenty to offer new residents of all ages and backgrounds. Some of the best things that you’ll notice are outlined below:

Diverse Geography 

North Carolina is split into three areas. The coastal areas are located to the east, while the mountains are to the west. Meanwhile, the state’s major cities tend to be found in the Piedmont megalopolis. So, whatever you want from life in the Tar Heel State, there are plenty of options. Better still, the other parts of the state offer fantastic day trips.

While many states have distinct ways of life, North Carolina offers several distinct sub climates and cultures. In turn, you’ll be perfectly positioned to build the life that you want for your family.

Strong Economy 

North Carolina’s economy is described as strong and growing. Increased job opportunities have seen unemployment rates drop to just 3.5% (the national average is over 5.7%). With multiple major cities in the state, as well as good links to other big players on the East Coast, NC is considered a good place to start a business. 

As well as a good job market, the state boasts a great schooling system. There are also several universities, including Duke, NC State, and Wake Forest. So, it is an ideal location to relocate to for life.

Climate & Lifestyle

Most of North Carolina has a humid subtropical climate, while the mountains in the state’s western region stop storms from the Midwest from reaching Piedmont and the coast. People who enjoy the distinct changes of each season, ranging from springtime blooms and summer heat to autumnal falls and mild winters, will love life in NC.

In addition to the climate, the Tar Heel State offers an extensive range of outdoor exploration opportunities. From mountain hikes to swimming in the Atlantic, you’ll find it all. Your quality of life will improve as a direct result.


Money matters and North Carolina is surprisingly affordable, given the cost of living in other states along the east coast. Even compared to Colorado, you can expect to pay 13.9% less for daily life. Groceries, transportation, eating out, sports, and entertainment are all more expensive in the Centennial State.

Property prices are also typically lower than in Colorado, although there is naturally a huge fluctuation when looking at different cities within the two states. So, it’s important to complete the necessary research before making a decision.

Cultural Significance

North Carolina’s history can be seen at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and an extensive list of places across the state. From the Cherokee Indians to its influence on the Revolutionary War and Civil War, it’s hard not to feel the cultural significance. The region has also been the setting for many movies.

From a political standpoint, there is a contrast between the rural (red) and urban (blue). However, NC is fairly moderate, and your political views are unlikely to cause issues regardless of where you decide to settle.

How to move from Colorado to North Carolina

Moving from Colorado to North Carolina means transporting your possessions a significant distance. Doing this on top of other steps like preparing children for the move or taking care of the legal matters involved will make the move immensely stressful. Hiring a team of professionals to handle the logistics of an out-of-state relocation from CO to NC will go a long way to preserving your sanity while simultaneously saving you a lot of time and money. In turn, you will be free to focus on starting the next chapter of your life in style.

The logistics of moving from Colorado to North Carolina are quite complex, making it very unsuitable for the DIY approach. For starters, traveling over 1,700 miles means that the move has to be completed in one trip. Allied Van Lines can connect you to highly experienced professional movers. We’ll also ensure the right moving services are selected and the best equipment is used to safely move items from your home. Packing, unpacking, scheduling, and all logistical matters will be handled with precision and care for a smooth move.

Cost of moving from Colorado to North Carolina 

The average linehaul cost of a move from Colorado to North Carolina with Allied is $6,600. The exact cost of a cross-country move can vary greatly from one person to the next. 

Average cost to move: $6,600The total cost depends on many factors including the exact distance of the move, the number of items being moved, and additional moving services like packing and unpacking. The easiest way to get a quote is by using our Instaquote listed above. 

Most Popular Cities in North Carolina

North Carolina might not be as commonly thought of as Florida or New York, but it is one of the East Coast’s most interesting, versatile, and attractive places to live. It appeals to residents of various backgrounds thanks to a diverse range of cities, each with its distinct backdrops and living situations. Some of the most popular cities are as follows:


Found in the central region of Piedmont and not too far from Raleigh, Charlotte is the state’s most populous city. The Queen City is home to over 2.6 million, who have an average salary of over $62,000 and the opportunity to work for several Fortune 1000 firms. Lake Norman is one of many natural attractions, while the city’s diverse neighborhoods make it easy to find one that suits your needs.


The river town of Hickory is located in the mountain region of North Carolina, making it an ideal choice for anyone still wishing to experience some of the best aspects offered in Colorado. It is known for being one of the state’s most affordable cities, with average house prices standing at $275,000. While there’s certainly ample opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and a slower pace of life, it has entertainment value, too - not least due to its racing scene. 


The state capital is naturally one of the most popular places for people to choose when moving to North Carolina. It has great job opportunities, especially in tech, as is highlighted by Apple’s presence, and is also home to North Carolina State University. The city’s suburbs are ideal for families, while the central areas are great for young professionals. Of course, it is a hub for entertainment, too.


When hoping to live closer to the coast, Wilmington is a fantastic choice. It offers beachside living at an affordable price, encouraging outdoor lifestyles. It is blessed with several relevant features of modern history, as well as a good shopping hub, which gives balance to the natural blessings and pleasant climate. The big cities of Charlotte and Raleigh are fairly accessible, too. 

When moving from Colorado to North Carolina, there are many other towns and cities to consider including; Burlington, Concord, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Mooresville, and Wake Forest. 

Why Allied Van Lines?

Moving from Colorado to North Carolina is a major life decision, but can be very rewarding. It’s important that the logistical challenges of long-distance moving are under control. Allied Van Lines is the perfect interstate moving partner, providing a fast and reliable service at a highly competitive price. 

We pride ourselves on excellence in customer satisfaction as well as moving. When hiring our highly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured professionals, you can be sure you’ll receive excellent service. There is a reason we are rated as one of the country’s premier moving companies, especially for interstate moving. Call us today to find out firsthand.

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