Why Moving Office Can Be 'Risky Business'

Why Moving Office Can Be 'Risky Business' Featured Image

Are you thinking about moving office in the near future, but are worried about disrupting your business operations and minimising downtime to be back up and running in time for Monday morning? What about protection and moving fragile and delicate pieces of IT equipment? How will these be moved? Who will disconnect and re-connect at the other end?

These are valid fears, because in the technological age, there are so many fine parts that can snap or break when you move computers and screens and servers around. When you move with Allied, however, you can have an expert team take control of the entire process and arrange specialised transit insurance to protect your business from the risks involved in moving office.

That's exactly why you shouldn't handle the relocation by yourself. There's just too much at risk, and it's unlikely that you've been trained in how to move items professionally and safely. What's more, if you move something yourself and it breaks, your normal building or contents insurance may not cover you, leaving you not only exposed to the replacement of the item but not being up and running on time! It could be a laptop, or a whole server broken down, and until you can either get it repaired or replaced, Your business operations will be interrupted.

Allied has the solution, though.

How Can Insurance from Allied Give You Peace of Mind?

Instead of trying to pack everything up into boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap, placed inside used paper box containers, you should let a professional moving team take the reins. Your Project Manager will be able to sort out everything from how many cartons or crates you'll need, to what items should be specially packed, to how much your insurance will cost and the level of cover you need.

Insurance will be an extra expense, of course, but it is designed to protect for factors outside your control during the relocation. You'll be thankful that your belongings are looked after. You don't want to be forced into any amount of excess downtime after your office move just because a major server is broken, or one of your personnel now has to work from home because of IT equipment not arriving safely and being connected in time.

All of the downtime you'll go through organising your move shouldn't be extended just because you didn't have sufficient relocation insurance. Due to the fact that our insurance team is in-house, there's no need to involve a third-party and complicate (and lengthen) the process. Many Australians insure their home and contents for considerable amounts – research from the Sapere Research Group in 2012 indicated that 91 per cent of homeowners had some form of home and contents insurance.

Why do we not do the same with our offices?

For more information about making your office relocation as smooth as possible and assisting with all of your IT services as part of the process, get in touch with the friendly team at Allied today.