What Will You Do if Your Shipping Container is Lost Overboard?

What Will You Do if Your Shipping Container is Lost Overboard? Featured Image

Did you know that there are approximately 10,000 shipping containers lost overboard each year at sea? That's according to Singularity Hub research. For the people or businesses who have equipment and personal items in those 10,000 containers, it's unlikely that they'll be able to claim any losses because of international shipping rules and regulations.

Instead, you'll need a private insurance policy to look after your personal effects. When you're moving house, there are so many things you're thinking about, and family members you're trying to look after. International relocations are a big deal, especially if you're just a kid. Taking care of your loved ones means that things slip your mind occasionally. Transit insurance is something that you shouldn't be without, however.

Why is Transit Insurance So Important

Data from the World Shipping Council states that there were as many as 32.9 million twenty-foot container units in 2012. Around 89 per cent of those are standard dry containers, and there are also refrigerated and liquid transport tanks.

In that regard, it's easy to see how 10,000 might slip through the cracks. That many out of 200 million is just 0.005 per cent of shipping containers lost each year – a reasonable success rate. If you're unlucky enough to experience the loss of a shipping container full of your belongings, the success rate of the freight companies isn't going to cross your mind. In fact, you'll likely be upset about having lost so many of your own things, and about the amount it'll cost to replace everything.

Not only could you lose expensive electronic equipment, but your baby photos and precious childhood memories might find their new home at the bottom of the ocean, not where you've just bought a house.

How Can Allied Help?

At Allied, we have an in-house insurance team that can help. Our team deals specifically with insurance cases relating to transit, so we know what we're talking about, and how to help.

From a lost shipping container to a broken television, a transit insurance policy can make your international relocation a lot smoother. If you want to take all the stress out of waiting for your items to show up in your new home town, then make sure you ask your Move Consultant about a specialised transit insurance policy to match your needs.

For all of your moving information, check out the Allied website, or call them on 13 25 54.