How to Maintain Productivity During an Office Move

How to Maintain Productivity During an Office Move Featured Image

Moving offices is sometimes an inevitable fact of business. Whether you are moving your office to upsize, downsize or simply because your lease is up, the biggest question you may be asking yourself is ‘how can I move offices whilst ensuring that my staff remain focused and productive during this time’.

Making sure that everyone is aware of what is going to happen

Making sure that everyone is aware of the move is important when ensuring productivity during a move. Springing an office move on your employees can be disruptive when caught off guard and cause them to become distracted. If your employees are aware well in advance that they should be expecting a change of location at some stage, then they will be less shocked when it is officially announced.

Making people aware that a move may be occurring around 6 months in advance will help them to get used to the idea. It will give them a chance to acclimate themselves with the idea of being somewhere new meaning that they will have plenty of time organise their new route to work. Some parents may need to organise lifts for their children going to school as they no longer have time to drop them off themselves or may need to find a new gym that is closer to the new location. It is important to understand that your office move may affect the personal lives of your employees and so it is important to give them plenty of time to get used to the idea.

Consider upgrades or storage for your furniture and tech

Moving offices may make you realise how much useless and dated furniture and tech your business has accumulated over the years. Consider this an opportunity to upgrade and replace old, dated tech and furniture with new. Allied Business Relocations are able to offer you safe disposal of any electronic items that you may have. We have systems in place to ensure that your belongings are disposed of correctly and in accordance with safety and environmental guidelines.

If your new office is smaller than your previous office, then Allied can offer you secure storage solutions. We have long and short-term storage solutions so where you can store your unwanted furniture whilst it is not being used.

Hire the professionals

When moving offices, it is likely that you will be moving large amounts of highly expensive office equipment such as computers and photocopiers. The last thing that you want is to find yourself with thousands of dollars’ worth of broken and damaged equipment, which is why it is important to hire the professionals to move your office.

When hiring professional movers, make sure that your removalist is a specialised business relocations removalist. Here at Allied, we understand that here is a difference between moving someone’s home and moving their business. That is why we have a special team that focus solely on moving offices. Our Business Relocations team know how to organise an office move so that your transition goes smoothly.

Moving offices is always going to require a lot of thought logistically, so it is important to be prepared and to ensure that your staff are kept in the loop throughout the process.