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If you are looking for the best moving company in South Dakota, your search is over!

In your move to South Dakota you will find that it is an expansive, grassy Midwestern U. S. state named after the Sioux Native American tribes of the same name.  South Dakota shares borders with North Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming, Minnesota, Montana, and Nebraska.  The Missouri River divides the state into two geographical halves, known to locals as "East River" and "West River". 

Most of the state's population is in the east where the soil is rich and much farming occurs.  In the western half, ranching occurs more than farming. Black Hills, the pine-covered mountains revered by the Sioux natives, are situated in the southwest region of the state.  South Dakota has a temperate continental climate, experiencing four distinct seasons and precipitation varying from moderate to semi-arid depending on which side of the river.  Some notable celebrities from South Dakota are Tom Brokaw, Mary Hart, sketch comedian Timmy Williams, and Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder who was known for writing the children’s book series Little House on the Prairie.

In the Black Hills near Keystone, you can see the famous granite sculpture carved into the face of the mountain, Mount Rushmore.  This popular tourist destination features 60-foot sculptures of the heads George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.  Originally, the idea was conceived by South Dakota historian Doane Robinson, but it was sculpted by Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum.

The state’s capital, Pierre, features historic homes and the Oahe Dam.  Jagged rocks and uniquely formed hills create an interesting landscape in the Badlands National Park.  Custer also has a state park perfect for hiking and other outdoor adventures.  North of Custer is a work in progress monument of Chief Standing Bear at Crazy Horse Memorial.  It is possible to tour Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, a building housing a large sinkhole where sixty mammoth skeletons were discovered and still being excavated. Let Allied help with your move to South Dakota. We can create the custom move to fit your needs. Contact Allied today.



The people I spoke w/treated me well. They were efficient & prompt. Everyone from the salesperson to the crew was great. If all of the crews are like the one we had, I would recommend them to anyone. We did a long distance move& they made it as easy as possible.

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Allied Van Lines

Overall it was satisfactory, they were very considerate and helpful and bent over backwards. They were good.

Susie P  of  Iowa City, IA 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I am extremely satisfied with how they handled the move and everything went smoothly. They did wheat they promised they would do.

Carl F  of  Omaha, NE 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The quality and care they showed and their professionalism, they also were courteous and I was happy to have them.

Patricia M  of  Algodones, NM 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The quality and the courtesy of the personnel and the fact that they were willing to accommadate our schedule. The driver was excellent.

Tom & Gloria T  of  Green Valley, AZ 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

I called a lot of moving companies and they were the only ones who where coming down to Calumet. I asked them to call my son to make an appointments that they can load my things and they did not call my son. I was lucky that my son was there when they came.

Shirley P  of  Scottsdale, AZ 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

The coordinator, Kelly Fox, made everything smooth, as smooth as could be for going across the country.

Bill & Karen E  of  Paola, KS 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

They were just so nice, professional, I could not believe that they got all that in the truck. My husband worked for Allied & he was actually very impressed. The movers did get here late but that was b/c they got lost.

Jean H  of  North Liberty, IA 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Everyone was nice and easy. Our coordinator from Portland, Oregon was accommodating. The ALLIED team arrived a few minutes late but it was not a big issue, because our things arrived that same day.

Erin O  of  Telford, PA 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

Professionalism shown by the workers was great. I am overall very satisfied with the move and Allied Van Lines. They kept me in tune about the move and paid attention to details.

David & Martha B  of  Terre Haute, IN 5 Rating:


Allied Van Lines

They did everything they said they were going to do, when they said they will. They took good care of my belongings.

Diann D  of  Phoenix, AZ 5 Rating:


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