Moving from Las Vegas to Seattle

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Moving From Las Vegas to Seattle - Benefits, Cost & How To

A move from Las Vegas to Seattle is a literal journey of a thousand miles (1,125 miles to be exact.) During a move, going over this long stretch that traverses several states by yourself can be overwhelming, especially if you are moving with children. But, you can count on Allied Van Lines, the relocation experts, to get you to your new location smoothly and painlessly.

Moving from Las Vegas to Seattle

Benefits of Moving from Las Vegas to Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in Washington State and it’s constantly rated among the best places in America you can live in. It is also among the fastest-growing cities in America, owing to its booming industries and attractiveness to the workforce. The city is applauded for being environmentally friendly, evident by its lush, evergreen forests.

The number of people moving to Seattle continues to increase every year. Seattle is said to have an inexplicable draw, particularly to people looking for a fresh start.

Seattle is particularly a good choice if you are looking to move from the hot desert climate in Las Vegas to a cooler greener climate, but to retain the joys of city life.

Here are other factors you will get to enjoy when you move to Seattle:

  1. A Wide Range of Cuisines
  2. Seattle is hands-down one of the best cities for foodies. For nearly everything you crave, you can find an outstanding restaurant that serves authentic cuisine. One of the notable cuisines here is seafood, owing to the City's proximity to the ocean. Asian foods are also Seattle specialties, and a rich farmers market supplies fresh produce to the restaurants every day.

  3. Cheaper Rent
  4. Rent prices have been going down in Seattle, particularly since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The cheaper rent would mean a significant cut in your expenses, which is one of Seattle’s pull factors.

  5. Many Tech Jobs
  6. Several tech companies have their headquarters in Seattle, including Nordstrom, Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boeing. Others with major offices here include Pinterest, Facebook, Google, Zillow, Tableau, and Redfin. There are also several start-ups here.

    With the presence of all these tech companies, Seattle makes an excellent location to land tech jobs and network with others in the industry.

  7. Proximity to Major Cities
  8. Seattle is strategically within reach of other major cities in the United States and Canada. For example, it is 5 miles from Medina, 74 miles from Victoria, 122 miles from Vancouver, 144 miles from Portland, 441 miles from Calgary, and 571 miles from Reno. Since the US dollar has greater value than the Canadian dollar, people in Seattle looking to shop often cross the border to get more value for their money.

  9. Good Public Transport
  10. The public transportation system in Seattle is extensive and reliable. There's a railway system linking the University of Washington to the Tacoma area, providing cheaper transportation to driving yourself or taking a cab. You don't need to own a car to get around in Seattle.

How To Move from Las Vegas to Seattle

The best way to move from Las Vegas to Seattle is by road. Get Allied Van Lines movers to pack and transport your belongings interstate. You could then decide to make a trip of your move and drive yourself to Seattle. It would take you about 20 hours, but the advantage is that you would have the autonomy of making as many stops as you wish, checking out the best restaurants, hotels, and other attractions on the way.

You could also take a bus, Greyhound USA. The bus journey takes about 31 hours, and you get many stops on the way. Alternatively, you could take a four-hour flight, which is the fastest and most comfortable way to get there.

Whichever method you take, ensure that you are in Seattle, at the agreed spot, by the time the moving truck gets there, to receive your belongings.

Costs of Moving from Las Vegas to Seattle

The average cost of moving from Las Vegas to Seattle is $2,611.15.

Certainly, many factors are considered when calculating the moving cost including the amount of load, packing and unpacking services, distance to travel, special items, and other such factors. So, the best way to determine the actual cost of moving is to feed your details in the Instaquote above.

Costs of moving from Las Vegas to Seattle

Most Popular Areas in Seattle

  1. Capitol Hill
  2. Capitol Hill is a largely residential neighborhood with a diverse, dense population and a range of entertainment spots for its people to enjoy. It has an urban feel, and the majority of the people live in rented homes. Many musicians and artists live in Capitol Hill, and there’s an active nightlife packed with excellent drinks, food, and games.

    Capitol Hill is a popular choice for students and workers looking to commute to the University of Washington and Downtown Seattle. The median rent for a studio apartment is $1,900, $2,250 for a one-bedroom apartment, and $3,400 for a two-bedroom apartment. Residents here have a unique and accepting culture guaranteed to welcome you right in.

  3. Fremont
  4. The Fremont area is also one of the best places to live in Seattle. It is known to be an all-inclusive, diverse, and politically liberal area. Most of the residents are young entrepreneurs or professionals working in tech companies, which gives Fremont an innovative and youthful vibe. Fremont is also one of Seattle’s walkable neighborhoods.

    Fremont has an urban feel with a range of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and parks. The majority of the residents are renters, and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment here is $1,823 and $2,395 for a two-bedroom apartment. Fremont has good city schools, which makes it ideal for families.

  5. Belltown
  6. Located north of downtown is Belltown, a neighborhood with popular eateries, bars, shops, galleries, cafes, and boutiques. There are also many trendy live-music spots and nightclubs like Crocodile, an iconic rock-themed venue built in 1991.

    Many young professionals live in Belltown to enjoy the solid suburban feel. It is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, ideal for families settling down. Public schools here are highly rated, and the residents here have modest political views.

    The majority of the population are renters. On average, it costs $1,572 to rent a studio apartment per month, $2,200 to rent a one-bedroom apartment, and $3,231 to rent a two-bedroom apartment.

  7. Downtown
  8. Life in downtown Seattle is suited for those who like a fast-paced life. It is busy, exciting, colorful, and there’s never a boring day or night. But, despite everyone being busy and minding their business, there is a sense of community here.

    Dotted with many high-rise buildings, downtown Seattle is a pot of rich history and a diverse culture. The area is so full of life and stays vibrant with everything that goes on. It is the City’s central business district and is relatively compact, unlike other downtowns of the West Coast.

    Downtown Seattle is also stocked with cultural attractions, historical artifacts like the Smith Tower, excellent eateries, theatres, performance halls, and other attractions. Living here would be extremely convenient, especially for those who work in the City, because they can access all amenities without driving.

    The average rent price for a studio apartment in Downtown Seattle is $1,250 and $1,795 for a one-bedroom apartment. There are always construction projects going up, and you should find housing easily.

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