What Can You Do to Ensure A Hassle-Free Moving Experience in Malaysia?

A great place to start with any move is deciding who is going to be the most help with your relocation. Are you going to ask your friends or family and risk stress on moving day and disorganisation because your brother forgot to book a moving van? Allied has been offering stress-free moving services in Malaysia, both domestically and internationally for more than 30 years, building a strong rapport with locals, expats and businesses alike.

Below, we have put together some recommendations to make your next move unfold with ease.

Make a timeline

Sometimes your moving date can seem a long time away, but so often what happens is a lack of planning and preparation catch up at the last minute, inducing the sort of panic that sees you throwing things you won’t need into handbags or forgetting about the extra room of books and sporting items you haven’t decided what to do with yet.

Making a timeline by working backwards from your move date will ensure a surprise-free experience. If you have left it a little too late already, the Allied customer contact centre is open 24/7 to help with emergencies or sudden relocation needs. However, in normal circumstances, it’s best to map out the time before your move to see everything come together in an organised manner.

Decide what you want to do, and what you can’t or won’t do

One of the most important things to decide from the outset is what you will take care of, how family members can do their bit and what you can pass off to the professional movers in Malaysia. Dividing tasks in this way will create clarity so you can tick off your moving checklist accordingly.

Book it in

Once you have decided what you need help with, we suggest booking it in as soon as you are able to be sure your move takes place at the time you require, with the right support.

Formulate a plan and stick to the plan whenever possible

Based on your timeline and the outside help you have arranged, create a central list of tasks and who is responsible for each one. This planning will help you organise the days leading up to your move by breaking down huge tasks into bite-sized pieces. We can help by providing you with our checklist, which can be found in our Resources section. It’s helpful things like this that will give you an idea of which moving services in Malaysia can be relied upon to think of everything, so you don’t need to.

Recheck your Checklist & Confirm Details a Month, A Week, A Day Out

So many tasks and before you know it, moving day will arrive!

Use your checklist well and take time to ensure you have ticked off, and confirmed elements, such as a babysitter if you have little ones who could get underfoot on moving day. You will need your paperwork being in order, know which boxes need to be packed last then unpacked first or when (and how) your car will be arriving, in advance.

Aside from logistics, precise organisation and great communication, at Allied we know the best way we can support you is to take the headache out of the details, so contact us today to help you move in Malaysia.