Professional Movers and Packers for Expats in Malaysia

Find the Best Professional Moving Company for Expats in Malaysia

If you’ve been offered a great salary package and the stunning country of Malaysia is calling you for a sea-change, rest assured you are being invited to one of the most thriving, welcoming and enjoyable places an expat can call home. 

Perhaps, you’re already settled in this colourful nation and have decided to make a local relocation now you’re more familiar with the neighbourhoods. Either way, finding a specialist expat moving company in Malaysia will help make your transition much simpler, so you can get on with enjoying all the cultural, gastronomic and visual treats this amazing country has to offer.

A new place to call home

Any move will be daunting, but an international relocation can seem more intimidating based on the fact you may be experiencing completely different cultures, traditions, menus and customs. 

If you’re coming from a mostly secular nation, it pays to know that Malaysia’s official religion is Islam, while Tamil traditions are also held very sacred. This may impact your arrival dates, especially if you’re expecting a welcoming party and you arrive on Thaipusam. 

The reason so many expats love Malaysia is the people are so friendly, the food is flavourful and the sights are exquisite. Plenty of foreigners have already made the Southeast Asian nation their home, so you’ll find brilliant communities to network within your own ethnic group. 

Whether you are moving overseas or are relocating domestically, Allied has been a trusted mover in Malaysia since 1989. The Allied team have multi-lingual experts navigating the important factors on your behalf, which cuts down a huge amount of moving stress.

Relocating as an expat within Malaysia 

Just as Allied can be of great assistance during your international move, we are also ready to help with your domestic relocation. 

Sometimes, the place we land when moving to a new country isn’t the ideal place to settle. It takes time to get to know a new location, so after you’ve had time to explore and get a feel for different suburbs and the most convenient precincts, it’s much easier to make a long-term decision. 

Unless you plan to stay in Kuala Lumpur’s CBD, whereby public transport is readily available, if your work contract has you residing for a few years, you may want to invest in a vehicle. This decision may impact where you choose to live because if you love space, you may be able to choose a larger house a little further out of the CBD, such as Damansara Heights or Mont Kiara.

Customised services

An Allied team can tailor a relocation package to suit your specific needs, whether you’re travelling solo or bringing the family. Allied is the best expat moving company that Malaysia has to offer. 

Across all major Malaysian cities, you can get in touch with our experienced customer service officers and access friendly and useful advice across a range of related moving services.