Professional Moving & Packing Services in Malaysia


We are the leading experts, movers and packers in Malaysia for your domestic moving needs. Other moving companies are simply not as reliable as our packers and movers services. Trust Allied Pickfords for your local movers today.

We understand better than anyone else how difficult it can be to move. Here at Allied Pickfords, our movers and packers can make your domestic relocation an easy and stress-free one. Choose our moving company for your next domestic move.

Our local movers understand how to move precious and delicate goods such as housewares, TVs, furniture and jewellery. Sometimes, a big move can be so long and tedious that people decide to do a rushed job.

Our movers and packers can make sure your home’s content arrives safely at the destination location. You might feel like you can do it by yourself, but for reliable and professional packers and moving services, choose Allied Pickfords.

A Moving Company With All The Tools

In order to move to a new house, you are going to need an array of different packing supplies. As an experienced and well-prepared moving company, we already have all of the tools for the job to help make your move an easy and efficient one.

We use special containers, boxes and tools to make sure your glassware, antiques and precious cargo are safely transported from A to B. Our use of the latest protective equipment, wrapping and boxes will hold up as you relocate to your new domestic home.

Why Choose Allied Movers & Packers?

●     Expertly trained professional packers
●     Premium quality packing materials supplied
●     Fast and efficient packers
●     Saves you valuable time and energy
●     Competitive prices

Reliable Packing & Moving Services

Contact Allied Malaysia today on (60) 3-6253 6553 to discuss your next domestic move. We can provide a FREE quote today.