Allied Moving Insurance 

To safeguard your items when moving home or office, we recommend purchasing moving insurance.

When a company that specialises in international moving services gives you a quote, they do so with the intention of providing a good service to every customer. However, every job will have its own challenges and risks and sometimes external factors may be unavoidable.

Being a customer of Allied there is no need to find an insurance provider, our moving insurance options are the perfect solution to suit your needs.

Allied Moving Insurance Options 

Your possessions will be covered from the moment we arrive to pack through the last bit of set-up in your new home.

We have created two comprehensive transit protection options to reimburse any loss or damage should the unexpected occur.

INSURANCE OPTION 1 - Valued Inventory

Valued Inventory requires you to list and value each item being shipped. This method is typically used for smaller shipments that contain a proportionately higher number of high-value items.


Lump Sum insurance uses a fixed valuation based on the volume of your shipment. This option is usually preferred for larger shipments where a simpler process is more practical


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