Easy, Expert House Moving Services in Malaysia

Moving between properties in Malaysia is becoming more complicated in some areas of the country, due to changes in both the housing market and population demographics. Popular areas, such as the Klang Valley and Penang, are attracting incomers from rural areas as urbanisation spreads throughout particular regions. In both newly developed areas and more established settlements, there are now more apartments than traditional houses.

While younger people are likely to choose apartment living over an entire house, many older Malaysians are now choosing to move into units. Apartments are often cheaper than a freestanding house with a yard, closer to convenient necessities and involve less work to maintain. As more and more families feel the need to relocate, the pressure is on house moving services in Malaysia to offer more and more services to win customer loyalty.

Moving between various property types

Relocating to another part of Malaysia, a different suburb in an expanding city or from a rural to urban environment can involve logistics that many householders find daunting. As young families grow, or older ones split into several households, the original childhood home will be different in size and configuration to the destination dwelling. If you’re empty nesters finding your rambling household too big and want to move to a small, modern apartment, you will be faced with how to downsize your belongings. You may choose to sell, donate or put items into storage to keep as family heirlooms for when your children’s families start to grow. 

Also, moving into units involves strata regulations regarding moving services. If there is a lift involved or several flights of stairs, this may impact your final moving estimate. in fact, even current high-rise residents are sometimes unsure how to go about moving to another apartment within the same block. 

An experienced house moving service that Malaysian families can trust will be experienced in moving households between all property types, and make sure landlords’ and building managers’ requirements are met. If you’re moving to a high-rise apartment block, lifts may only be used at certain times of the day or only on certain days, so you must be familiar with the rules before booking your removalist.

Maintaining a smooth relocation process

A good house moving service in Malaysia should offer great value for money by including add-on services, such as packing and unpacking, home-sourcing and pet and car relocations. Allied provides personal move consultants, who assess what needs to be moved, where and in what timescale. Your move coordinator can keep you in the loop throughout your entire move and is also a point of contact after you’re settled in case you require further advice in your new location.

On the day of the move itself, a crew coordinator will be on hand to pass on any requests during the moving process. This will assist the packing crew, who will then be able to get on with the job of packing the truck efficiently, whether they’re driving straight to the new property or to the storage facility.

Allied Malaysia offers a total removals and storage service, from pre-packing to reinstatement, for all types of move, regardless of the property or distance involved. Contact our team today.