Tips to Help Find the Best House Moving Services in Malaysia

While moving house in Malaysia has become simpler lately, with a high volume of homes available to a wider section of the country’s society, the process of moving is still a difficult task that not many folk relish the thought of. 

Fortunately, Malaysia is catching up with developed countries in terms of household occupancy, with the average being between 3 and 4 per home, as opposed to much higher densities in the past. Developers are also building apartments in high rises in growth areas, especially Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and Selangor, which are popular with all age groups. For these reasons, finding a quality house moving service in Malaysia is becoming more selective due to high demand. Here are some tips on how to find a good Malaysian house mover.

Avoid making a hasty choice

As there are many new removals companies appearing on the market, it is important to compare the market carefully before choosing a house moving service that Malaysian residents can rely on. As with many new businesses, companies tempt customers with special offers and discounts, making their prices seem especially attractive. 

Unfortunately, opting for the lowest price often leaves domestic customers vulnerable to damaged or lost possessions; unfortunately, it is quite common for untrustworthy removalists to keep possessions ‘hostage’ until customers produce an extra fee to complete their move. When assessing a moving quote, you should make sure that all costs are itemised upfront, and that the removals company has an impeccable reputation.

Paying a little bit more for a quality, reputable mover with an established brand can help you avoid a costly outlay for any incidents that may occur during the move.

Make a list of questions before hiring

Having researched a company thoroughly, your next step should be to prepare a detailed list of questions before making initial contact. The best house moving service that Malaysia has to offer should be able to address every concern you may have and be happy to discuss their services in detail. If the company you’re enquiring with is in any way evasive or unsure of how to answer any legitimate question, politely hang up the phone.

Particularly important in modern Malaysia is the ability to move between different types of dwelling, as more families choose to live in apartment buildings. You might want to move from a house to an apartment, or perhaps between apartments; possibly within the same building, therefore, you’ll require an experienced mover to help you with the necessities of such a move. Technical and logistical details such as access to elevators and underground parking bays will be more straightforward if you hire experienced removalists.

Allied Malaysia has more hands-on knowledge than any other removals company in the country and has developed techniques and strategies to handle any type of domestic move. From a transparent, upfront pricing policy to clear and precise communication with your own move coordinator, you will know exactly where you stand in relation to your move requirements.