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Allied Move Planning Process & Checklist


The Allied moving checklist is perfect if you prefer to see and print a checklist to tick off tasks as you go along. From professional packing tips to helpful advice on moving with kids and pets, we can help you prepare for your upcoming move, and make sure there are no surprises. 

Download Our Moving Checklist Here


From the moment you know you are relocating, Allied can help take the stress out of the move with our comprehensive checklists and assistance at every stage of the journey.

Here’s what you need to do before Moving Day:

Find a Move Consultant

Your journey begins by getting in touch with a Move Consultant who will lay the crucial groundwork needed to plan your move. A move consultant will:

  • Be the first point of personal contact from your moving team

  • Understand your priorities and concerns

  • Detail an inventory of your personal belongings to be moved



It's a good habit before any domestic or international move to ensure that your belongings are protected and insured - that way in the unlikely event of your items being damaged they are covered.

Our experienced moving consultants will help guide you through the best protection programme to suit you and your move. Doing this during the pre-planning stage before you move will help put your mind at ease, and free up time to focus on more important steps in the lead up.

Sign Up With Allied's Protection Program


Your Move Consultant will walk you through your shipping options. Our knowledge of different routes and shipping companies helps us to recommend the best options to meet your priorities and deliver your shipments as safely as possible.

Your Freight Options Include:

Sea Freight - A popular mode for international shipments as benefits include:

  • Cost-effective for larger volume shipments

  • Regular scheduled services to all parts of the world

Full container Load (FCL) - FCL means that your shipment will be loaded directly into its own steel shipping container benefits include:

  • A faster custom clearance time at destination

  • Can be directly loaded and unloaded at your home (where local regulations allow)

  • Wooden crates (also known as lift-vans) may be used in countries with loading restrictions or where security risks are high

Less than Container Load (LCL) - LCL is ideal when you don’t have a large enough volume of goods to require an entire shipping container:

  • Your shipment is loaded into wooden crates which are steel banded then loaded into a shared container by the shipping line

  • LCL has the same transit time as FCL but due to deconsolidation may take a day or two longer for customs clearance

Groupage - Groupage is ideal for shipments that are not time-sensitive:

  • Transit time is usually longer as it will only be shipped when there are enough other shipments to fill a container to your destination

  • Costs are kept to a minimum by being proportionately shared between all shippers

  • Groupage is only available to certain high-volume destinations where each shipment’s customs clearance can be kept separate.

Airfreight - Airfreight is useful for small or urgent shipments:

  • Offers the fastest transit times

  • Often used in conjunction with a sea shipment

Road Transport - Road transport is an option in some circumstances:

  • Generally, it means less handling of the shipment

  • In some locations both domestic and international moves can be completed by road



Relocation can be very stressful for pets too. Every country has its own procedure for allowing animals to move across their borders. The key is to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for both you and your pets.

Your Allied Move Consultant can recommend a qualified and experienced pet relocation specialist to help you work through all the details and ensure your pets get the best treatment possible. 


You may want to store or sell your vehicle before you move if you are relocating internationally. However, if you plan to take your vehicle along for the ride, we can help to transport cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Allied vehicle relocation services are secure and professional, making sure to expertly pack and protect them for the journey. 

Organising Cleaning & Handyman Services

It is important to remember to leave your space in pristine condition, to avoid your rental deposit being at risk. Allied will offer to arrange for professional cleaning or handyman services to help you address cosmetic and utility issues at your current location and your new home.



While you prepare to finalize your move, there may be some loose ends to tie up or some arrangement which you’ve overlooked. Temporary Accommodation, Home Search Assistance, or Visa and Immigration Services are some of the other assistance that we at Allied will be able to provide through our network of specialists.


From the discussions and plans made with your move consultant, you will be contacted by your Move Coordinator. They will be your points of contact throughout the move itself. 

Your Move Coordinators will help you:

  • Plan major aspects of your move from origin to destination

  • Create a customized schedule for transport, storage, and protection options

  • Assist in the completion of all the necessary documents and oversee customs clearance

  • Address all your questions or concerns along the way

When you select Allied as your trusted international mover, your moving team will also include:

  • A Crew Supervisor leading a team of packers to carry out professional wrapping, packing and loading of your household goods

  • An Import Coordinator at your destination to monitor the shipment of your belongings and arrange for delivery after customs clearance



Here’s a list of everything you need to check pre-move and the rough timeline of when to complete each task:

8-12 Weeks Before

  • Contact Allied for a pre-move survey

  • Advise your children’s school / kindergarten and have transfer documents sent to your new school / kindergarten. 

  • Create a file for paperwork, receipts and important documents pertaining to your move

  • Determine tax requirements.

  •  Consider what household goods to take. Be careful to check regulations before shipping a vehicle.

  •  Inventory/photograph home contents for protection coverage.

  •  Identify those items of particularly high value and have them appraised.

  •  Contact insurance, bank, financial, medical, dental contacts re: changes, transfers of document

  • or records.

  •  Pre-advise clubs, and organizations about anticipated departure.

  •  Consider what appliances and electronics will be taken back (consider voltage, obsolescence)

  •  Consider which purchases you need to make.

  •  Start to use up things you can’t move, such as frozen food and cleaning supplies

6 Weeks Before

  • Establish or reestablish contact with healthcare professionals at destination.

  •  Consider movement of pets and their veterinary needs.

  •  Complete change-of-address notifications for friends, family, vendors, and service providers.

  •  Take steps to sell car(s), club memberships.

  •  Contact the foreign consulate for helpful information if necessary

4 Weeks Before

  • Moving Sale to dispose of items you do not wish to ship.

  •  Clean closets, storage areas

  •  Notify utility services of your intention to move so that they can arrange final readings


3 Weeks Before

  •  Have airfreight segregated to include a “survival kit” of essentials for destinations.

  •  Consider fumigation of selected items; polish/lacquering of silver, brass, copper.

  •  Sort through toys and assemble small parts.

  •  Arrange for professional handling or servicing of specialty items such as wall units, piano,

  • valuable clocks, audio/visual equipment, and sports equipment. For special handling, contact

  • your Allied Pickfords Move coordinator

  •  Settle club dues, fees. Consider “inactive” membership if it is available and there is a possibility

  • you will return.

2 Weeks Before

  •  Collect children’s school records, immunization certificates etc. for the new school.

  •  Arrange to disconnect your essential services, gas, water, phone and electricity and settle charges.

  •  Inform your doctor, dentist and other medical specialists of your move. Collect your records or

  • request transfer to your new practitioners.

  •  Record the contact numbers and email addresses of friends, service providers, vendors with whom

  • you may wish to keep in touch.

  •  Photocopy duplicates of necessary papers (passports, tax records)

  •  Arrange Post Mail Redirection Service application to redirect your mail to your new address.

  •  Return items you have borrowed; collect things you have lent.

  •  Reserve a baby-sitter and pet-sitter for moving day, if necessary



It’s finally here, the day of the move! It doesn’t have to be filled with stress if you follow our steps to success on moving day:

Preparing Your Space For Moving Day

On moving day, your crew supervisor will take an inventory of your household items and create a set of instructions for the moving crew to follow. The supervisor will also give instructions for the crew to treat treasured belongings with special care.

Our crew will begin by laying a protective lining around the floor and doorways to prevent any damage or staining. We encourage you to oversee the loading so you can give any last minute instructions for specific items. 

A damage check will be carried out for each item prior to packing; any damaged items will be pointed out to you and noted on the inventory. Every carton will be numbered along with a brief description of the contents and marked by room.

Packing Inventory

As our crew wraps up the labeled and sealed boxes, you’ll be given an inventory containing brief descriptions of the contents of each carton. We make sure to have a process in place so that each individual box is in the appropriate room’s carton. Our expert move team knows that having the inventory separated room by room is the most efficient way of loading and unloading a moving van/vessel. 

To make tracking easier, a separate inventory list will be created for each shipping method, and a copy of each inventory will be forwarded to the Allied office at your final destination to make customs clearance and delivery an easier process.

move-day (1)


Here’s a list of everything you need to check for the run up to moving day and the big day itself:

1 Week Before

  •  Dispose of flammables, BBQ gas, cleaning solvents.

  •  Clean BBQ thoroughly if you are shipping to a new destination.

  •  Have a final clean-out and dispose of out-of-date materials from under the kitchen sink, garage, laundry, etc.

  •  Commence home repairs essential to getting the home deposit returned: wall touch-up, mail hole.

  • filling, floor polishing.

  •  Bring home office records, files, equipment which need to be packed.

  •  Keep a few things out for the kids on move day.

  •  Pick up all items from vendors or repair firms.

  •  Empty and clean sports bag contents.

  •  Finalize valued inventory for protection coverage. Be sure to recognize surface, freight, and airfreight.

A Few Days Before

  •  Empty, clean, dry, add baking soda/sachet to the refrigerator/ freezer.

  •  Finalize personal documents/papers into suitable carriers. Do the same for personal valuables.

  •  Close / transfer accounts.

  •  Assemble pharmaceutical needs. Clean out the medicine cabinet.

  •  Be sure that the final cleaning of the home is scheduled as a “walk through” with the landlord for prompt return of security/damage deposit.

Moving Day!

  •  Place all suitcases and essential items you need in one specified place eg. Bathroom or car, so they are not loaded in the removal van.

  •  Review home with the crew supervisor; point out special care items and special packing procedures.

  •  Set aside and carry all valuables and important papers and passports with you.

  •  Ensure children and pets are safe and out of harm’s way.

  •  Make sure the packers pack categorically – air, sea and storage – don’t mix.

  •  Keep copies of passport, paperwork, inventory, and insurance with you.

  •  Be sure that Allied has an update of your needs, instructions, contacts and timetable.

  •  Before the movers leave, make a final inspection to check for left-behind items.

  •  Lock all doors and windows as you leave. 



You’ve finally managed the logistics of your move, and you just arrived at your new home. The next few days might look overwhelming, but not to worry. To get through the first few weeks after a move, there are several tasks that need to be taken care of quickly to avoid any issues (and bring down the stress levels).

Track Your Shipment

We’ve developed an online tracking system called GlobalCom to give you updates 24/7 as to where your shipment is. GlobalCom provides updates on estimated arrival dates and allows you to add notes or change your contact information.

Start Tracking Here

Navigating Customs Clearance

Tackling international customs processes can often be complex and confusing.
You might think that as soon as your shipment arrives at your destination, it is sent straight to your new home, but foreign biosecurity laws and other checks often delay the process.

Customs officers will check your inventory of domestic goods to make sure you are not bringing in any restricted goods, such as tobacco, alcohol, organic material, drugs or weapons. They then bill you for any import duty, the tax imposed on goods when they are carried across international borders.

Allied works closely with customs offices globally to help you make sure your documentation is in order, and to expedite the customs process.

Deliver Your Belongings To Your New Home

Once the customs clearance formalities have been completed, your Allied Import Coordinator can help ensure quick delivery of your possessions to your new home. Our crew at your destination will help with all the unloading and unpacking. We’ll ensure all of your belongings are accounted for by checking them off against the inventory.

Arrange For Further Storage Requirements

Allied can provide storage for your outstanding items post-move. In many of the moves we manage, bulky items simply don’t fit in the new home. Allied can arrange for these items to be kept in secure wooden storage vaults of varying sizes. 

These storage facilities are kept meticulously clean and dry, with the option of climate-control for materials with sensitive storage needs.


Here’s a list of the final things you need to check after moving day to ensure your new home is set up perfectly for your new chapter:

  • Check if all home utilities are up and running – electricity, water, gas, TV, phone etc. Write down the readings of all utility meters. Contact your new utility providers if there are any issues.

  • Check delivered boxes, only unpack the essentials and notify your crew supervisor if you notice anything damaged or missing. Wait until the next day to start opening up the boxes containing your everyday household items.

  • Don’t neglect the needs of your pets – give them enough time to acclimatise properly by placing them in a safe room and showing them lots of attention for the first few days.

  • Remember to Childproof! If you just moved house with a small baby or a toddler, it’s vital that you baby-proof the new home so that it becomes 100% safe for your children to play and grow.

  • Start the unpacking process at your own comfortable pace - It is recommended that you go room by room and work your way through furnishing your new house. If necessary, ask friends to help you unpack.

  • Make sure your family is prepared in the new location for healthcare, transport and education by taking all the required documentation to see the local experts.

  • Get to know your new home town and learn to embrace your new environment in order to avoid the dangers of relocation depression. Explore your new city and find local amenities to help you adjust faster.

  • Remember to leave a review about your moving company. Writing a moving review may help the next prospective movers find the right company and improve their moving experience.

We hope that our comprehensive moving checklist gives you the information you need to begin the next chapter of your life with a well planned and seamless move. Now you can begin to tick the tasks off one by one.

Contact us now to begin the move process with one of our experienced move consultants.

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