Reliable House Removalists In Malaysia

We are experienced house movers for domestic or international home relocation.Moving an entire household takes a lot of time and planning, therefore if you need to move your employees across the globe you need to be well prepared.

Moving to, from or within Malaysia requires just as much planning and negotiations as other countries to ensure families and possessions arrive safely. If you need a team of reliable removalists, choose Allied for your house moving services.

As part of the Allied Malaysia team commitment to help ensure your employees enjoy a smooth transition to their new homes, we provide services of which the quality and level of personalisation are unmatched.

In your pool of employees, you may have full-time workers who are wondering when they’ll find the time to pack, while their stay-at-home partners juggle small children getting their hands into all the boxes. For these families, they’re facing a daunting few weeks.

As you will be aware, home fixtures and fittings are only part of the challenge; the household goods of all staff must be taken very good care of. House moving services can be unreliable, but not with Allied Pickfords.


Guaranteed Seamless House Moving Experience

The Allied brand dates back more than 400 years, when we started helping people move across cities and throughout the countryside using horse-drawn carts and carriages. We are the preferred house movers worldwide.

Since then, we’ve been building up an unparalleled network of partners and contacts, which has helped us stay ahead of the game, in terms of technology, equipment and expertise. The teams at Allied Malaysia have embraced every new development in transport, packing and communications, to the point we are now able to offer a seamless moving experience for our corporate customers; this is true whether your move is local, interstate or international.

Moving Homes Made Simple

What we do at Allied Malaysia is make things simple. We employ multilingual staff who can be a familiar touchpoint for customers during international moves. We also speak all the different languages of Malaysia to simplify the moving process between various parts of the country.

On a technical level, we offer access to GlobalCom, which is our own state-of-the-art online tracking system. This monitors employees’ household goods in real-time during the course of the business relocation. Our own staff each have iPads, on which they can access detailed inventories of every individual customer’s household possessions. Workers can rest easy that every single item of their valued belongings is properly looked after.


Committed to making your house move stress-free


As well as our centuries of expertise and our cutting-edge technology, Allied Malaysia is the brand to contact to streamline your corporate moves. To achieve this, we assign every employee in your team their own personal move coordinator.

Whether that employee is an entry-level administrator or a chief executive officer, they will receive exactly the same high level of quality service. Our move coordinators remain in constant communication with their mover and act as a single point of contact to answer any questions during the moving process.

Allied moves more than 1000 families a day, 365 days a year. So you can rest assured that our moving specialists are using the safest and most efficient packing techniques and materials. Our people are well trained and highly skilled, and we use the latest in high-tech security measures and shipping containers.

At Allied Malaysia, you’re offered exceptional house moving service:

  • Cartons are double and even triple-walled if necessary.
  • All furniture is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure maximum protection.
  • Personal belongings are expertly packed into cartons with particular care given to delicate articles.
  • Additional protection is provided with wooden crates, acid-free tissue, bubble-wrap and polystyrene chips.  

The Reliable, Secure & Simple House Movers

With Allied Malaysia, your household goods are delivered safely and on time. Contact Allied Malaysia today on (60) 3-6253 6553 to discuss your next international or domestic move. We can provide a FREE quote today.