Allied is Malaysia’s most reliable and trusted office moving company. We help thousands of clients around the globe relocate their offices and employees. Our streamlined processes help you integrate your project management and communications to provide a seamless moving experience.  

When it comes to business, time is money. This is why at Allied we ensure your office relocation is smooth, efficient and stress free. Our extensive operational experience has allowed our team to work with business managers to create custom, comprehensive moving plans all across Malaysia. Our quality control procedures can help ensure your operations are fully functional in your new destination as rapidly as possible. 

The key benefits of moving your office with Allied include:

  • Professionally trained and highly skilled movers 

  • Efficient and easy relocations 

  • Competitive rates & pricing packages

  • Excellent customer service 

  • Expansive global and local moving network


Any move is stressful, but office relocations add another layer of complexity. Organising and facilitating the move of your business will cost you valuable time and energy. Moving your office may reduce productivity or even temporarily halt your business operations. With Allied, we’ll take care of the finer details and make your office relocation seamless so you can focus on what’s really important - running your business. 


Deciding to relocate your business from one location to another is rarely an impulsive decision. Moving offices is a big undertaking, but it does come with a wealth of benefits and opportunities. 

A common reason that businesses decide to move is that their current space is no longer suitable for their needs. A growing team and business will need new facilities that can cater for their evolving requirements. Moving is also an excellent opportunity to access new markets and potential customers. 

Whether you are moving to embrace new growth, explore a different location, or simply because your office lease has expired, Allied can make your office relocation easy.



Relocating your office can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t even know where to begin! As moving professionals, we know that the key to a successful and stress-free relocation is organisation. We recommend that you plan your relocation as far in advance as possible, six months prior to your move date is best. This is due to the fact that office moves are complex and it can take time to properly plan for your relocation.


6 Months Before Relocation

  • Find a new office location

  • Set a budget for the office relocation 

  • Set a relocation date

  • Assign a relocation coordinator to oversee the move 

  • Consult with any specialist departments about their relocation requirements, e.g IT 

4 Months Before Relocation 

  • Book Allied to be your specialised office relocation movers

  • Create an outline of the new office set-up 

  • Announce the move to employees 

  • Reduce all unnecessary clutter and assess all equipment 

  • Cancel existing utility contracts and set up new ones 

  • Communicate change of address to all suppliers, delivery providers and other related parties

2 Months Before Relocation

  • Book cleaning contractor for old office

  • Prepare and distribute all required keys/access cards 

  • Discuss any additional specialised removal requirements (such as unique equipment or precious items) with Allied

  • Organise any necessary permits for road transportation and plan for any disruptions like roadworks or public holidays

  • Purchase new or replenish office supplies

  • Install new security systems 

1 Month Before Relocation

  • Book elevator in office building (if applicable)

  • Create colour coded labelling system for boxes and allocated rooms

  • Ensure all internet and other utilities are working

  • Update address on all communication and marketing materials

1 Week Before Relocation

  • Pack common areas 

  • Clean out fridge and pantry 

  • Instruct employees to pack individual items

  • Communicate labelling system and office layout to removal company 

  • Dismantle all office furniture 

  • Instruct employees to work remotely if possible



Allied offers specialised relocation services which are tailored to your specific business needs. We understand that the logistics of relocating your business are complicated and require specific services and attention to detail. By choosing Allied for your office move, you’re trusting the experts to make your relocation easy. 

Secure I.T. transportation

I.T. equipment is an essential asset for any business. At Allied, we’ll ensure to protect your IT systems and telecom during the packing and transportation to the new office. Our professional movers will handle your IT equipment securely and with the utmost care. By discharging the necessary utilities and service providers, we’ve ensured no one can access files or data once you’ve moved premises.

Trusted and reputable

When it comes to sensitive client and office information, you need professional movers that you can trust. At Allied, we take your privacy seriously and will work to ensure your move goes smoothly without compromising your security and confidentiality. 

Expansive global & local network

It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating your office down the street or across the globe, Allied can help you make the move. With over 600 locations around the world, we’ll be there to assist you every step of the way from your old office to your new one. 

Full relocation experience 

Your office relocation doesn’t just stop at furniture moving. We can also assist your employees with corporate relocations and household moves. We can also ensure all relevant vehicles are successfully relocated to the new location and offer storage and insurance services.


  • 4.5 stars 

  • Established in Malaysia since 1989

  • ISO 9001 Accredited 

  • Member of quality assurance agreement Global Service Charter

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