Choose Value-For-Money Movers While Moving to Malaysia

It’s normal for families and small business enterprises with plans to move to Malaysia to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of their task, especially if they don’t speak Malay. Interestingly, Indonesians make up the largest percentage of movers to Malaysia, due to the two countries’ close proximity, along with their cultural and linguistic similarities. For anyone relocating from English-speaking countries, moving to Malaysia often presents more challenges.

Considering the language barrier, you’ll need to choose the right removals company for a number of reasons. Bilingual staff and budgets being your biggest concerns, you also want to find an established international removalist with experience navigating customs clearances and visa regulations to help smooth the path ahead. If you allow enough time to do it correctly, your move should be relatively simple to carry out, despite the organisational logistics involved when you relocate overseas.

Crossing borders

When looking for a removalist to relocate you, your family or small business to Malaysia, bottom line costs is only one factor when making an informed choice. By comparing customer reviews to guide you, watch out for comments about efficiency throughout the entire move, from initial consultation to final handover. The best movers Malaysia’s new residents value are those that can reach out to moving partners in your host country to organise the finer details. 

Customs regulations, taxes and quarantine laws are just three incidents where multilingual staff can make relocating a smoother process overall.

Establishing a good relationship with your removalist early on is the best way to help your move go more smoothly. Not having to rush at the last minute allows plenty of time for communication back and forth to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. 

If there are specific requests or queries you have, your international removalist has plenty of time to give you the right answer or pass you onto someone who can help you. The best part of hiring movers like Allied is we streamline the contact process by delegating your own move coordinator, who you can go to for all your enquiries. 

Increased options in-country can save you money

Even if a new job or business opportunity makes moving financially attractive, the physical space available to set up home or a commercial operation may affect the outcome. This being the case, established movers that Malaysia’s expats rely on are often those with the best storage facilities.

More people are finding that their current household may not fit into their new household when moving overseas. Depending on where you’re moving from, you may have resided in a 4-bedroom house, only to have to downsize to a 3-bedroom apartment in Kuala Lumpur. This makes the move even trickier, when you consider what to bring in the hope of finding a larger space or whether to store your belongings back home. 

Secure, environmentally controlled storage facilities allow you to keep your possessions for as long as you need, even if this is not possible at your new property. Quality international removalists like Allied Malaysia offer state-of-the-art storage facilities, which provides a low-cost option for temporary or long-term storage, rather than being rushed into selling valuable equipment or furniture.

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